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Newbie alert!!!! - Silver - 07-17-2017

Hello everybody!!! Silver here!!! You can also call me Silvy if you want (Or give me a new nickname, I'm always open to them).
I'm just your everyday girl that loves to play videogames, soccer and rp. I'm a bit random from time to time, especially when I'm bored.
My native language isn't english, but Spanish, Don’t don't worry I swear that I'm not going to go all spanglish from one moment to another. I know that I still have a lot to learn and that my grammar isn't the best, but I'll try to get better at it as quickly as I can. Also I apologize in advance for any typos that I may make. I always try to find and fix them before posting, but from time to time one or two may get away from my grasp.
I'm really looking forward to rp with you all! See you around!

RE: Newbie alert!!!! - Edenuzki - 07-17-2017

Welcome to Sverige, Silver! I'm looking forward to RPing with you, and in the meantime I'm happy to help you with creating your character, figuring out rules, etc. I'm nearly always in the cbox if I'm not asleep or at work. XD

RE: Newbie alert!!!! - Vanilla Custard - 07-19-2017

/is super duper late

Welcome! ^^

I hope you'll find yourself stuck in here for a loooong time and we'll see you around the board soon I hope! xD
Also, I'm not a native speaker anyway, I just pretend to know things when actually I google words that I don't understand Wink.


RE: Newbie alert!!!! - Ramaki - 07-19-2017

Heyo!~ I am symia, daemion, and ty and I am looking forward to being able to roleplay with you :3