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Hi! - Thalia Wolfseeker - 12-23-2017

I'm Hemlock, and this is my first encounter with the world of Sverige! Although I've lurked a bit and read up on abilities and such, this is still my first time actually interacting with this website. So hi!

RE: Hi! - Calico - 12-23-2017

Welcome! We're a bit quiet around the holidays, people are out on school vacations or just celebrating with their families. However, I will get to your app right naow and we can get you all set up! I'm generally around and able to post frequently although I tend to be quiet in the cbox because I'm easily distracted from it LOL ^^

RE: Hi! - Thalia Wolfseeker - 12-23-2017

I figured as much- it's nice to know that at the very least, I can still rp with one person, lol. Thanks for the warm welcome!

RE: Hi! - Skadi - 12-23-2017

^^ Yeah, I'm pretty sure people will be back around after the holiday craziness has died down. LOL

RE: Hi! - Gizmo - 12-24-2017

*Pounces Newbie*
Welcome to Sverige! I am Gizmo, I play Atarah Lizbeth Bane, Sulo Skye Entinen, and Vuple. Can't wait to meet you in world!!
(Each of the heads in my signature are links to those characters, Cirus isn't active yet.)

RE: Hi! - Thalia Wolfseeker - 12-24-2017

Hello, Gizmo! It's nice to meet you!