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on the hood of your heartbreak - Donn - 04-01-2018

OoC: All welcome but tag for @Nakk and @Lucifer. Also please excuse me being a bit rusty.

He did his best to move through the forest, the tall trees nicely packed together. It was needless to say that Donn felt a bit out of place and he was positive he looked like it too. At least the view was rather nice. The sun managed to shine down between the treetops and did its best to warm him despite the chill in the air. He would be grateful for when it rolled over to winter. The Lerk was not a male that had been built for the warm seasons that brought harsh rays of the sun. His deep coat could hardly handle all that heat to hold.

The large male managed to find himself coming upon a pond. It sparkled in the light and the pure beauty of it made his short tail wiggle behind him. Slowly he lowered himself to the ground, settling down on his stomach. This would be a perfect resting place for now.

RE: on the hood of your heartbreak - Nakk - 04-02-2018

Nakk had been creeping around at a safe distance since the stranger entered the woods, quietly stalking from the shadows in order to keep tabs on him. After a good agonistic number of months of no social interaction and doing mostly nothing as the seasons went by and time just moved on without him, the skinny male had found himself fallen into some sort of depression or something, having a hard time finding his interest and zest for life. He had been feeling as though this world had offered him all it had to offer and then, nothing mattered anymore. Finding the motivation to do anything was just terribly hard after that. For this reason, the stranger and his intriguing presence was quite a welcome distraction. The dynroth wouldn't mind having some good old-fashioned fun, just like the old days.

He knew this territory like the back of his paw, having lived here for good number of years now undisturbed and he quickly grew aware of the moment when the large male arrived at the sparkling pond within the abandoned, overgrown camp. His paws carried him closer as he moved in, curious to find out more about the lerk who had apparently chosen this particular spot as his resting area. Nakk always hated direct introductions and for this reason, he smirked deviously to himself, using his water manipulating ability to create a vigorous ripple across the surface of the otherwise peaceful pond, causing the water to splash in the surrounding area.

RE: on the hood of your heartbreak - Lucifer - 04-03-2018

(OOC: Bit of a long intro to this, sorry XD)

The bored Azahi had had enough of waiting for the fun to come to him. Only one wolf had crossed his path so far, and she was sickeningly sweet, though she did teach him a thing or two about fire. That was appreciated.

The day started off like any other. He rose late, caught a measly mouse, and dragged it back to his den, singeing it to death with his limited affinity with fire. The creatures suffering meant nothing to him, he just felt the need to practise until he was better- but it wasn't working. He had caught another, but this time, after burning a few bits of fur, he stopped, and raised his paw to let the mouse go. That type of hunger had left him, but he yearned for adventure. Stepping out of his dark den and atop a hill, he looked to the South-west. "Haven't gone too far that way." he thought. Taking a breath of the air, he slowly changed the colour of his fur from red, to cream, donning his disguise. Blinking shifted his eyes colour from yellow to green. He spread his wings, and leapt off the hill, taking off.

After a long scout, he came upon a forest, much more sparse than the other he had seen, but nevertheless a fresh start. "Haven for prey. Maybe practising on larger things will help." he told himself with a smile. The leathery wings slowed and he came to land to start a walk through the woods. Almost immediately, he caught a strong scent of a male that made him wrinkle his nose as it caught him off guard. Concluding that he might as well follow it, he started at a jog, since it seemed somewhat old, as the scent thickened, he slowed, looking around more carefully. The wind sent another male's scent, more fresh and natural, and he wrinkled his nose even more at that- but smells could be deceiving, so on he went, until he came upon on the pair at a body of water. Halting, and gingerly ducking behind a tree, he thought he would see how this played out.

RE: on the hood of your heartbreak - Donn - 04-03-2018

He tensed briefly as the water seemed to ripple. He hadn't touched it and there were no other creatures at the edge of the water. Donn let his head tip up towards the sky, wondering if something had fallen into the pond. Yet he had seen nothing. Blue eyes looked around before he stood up again and slowly walked around the pond, letting out a low woof as he spotted one male. Smaller than him and almost similar in coloration. But where Donn lacked color, the stranger had red painting his underside. "Did you see that?" He asked with a slight tilt of his head. Did the stranger know what had caused the water to ripple in such a lively manner?

Little did he know there was a second stranger too so, for now, the one red and ebony male had Donn's full attention.

OoC: still trying to figure Donn out, excuse the shorter post(s) as I learn him more!

RE: on the hood of your heartbreak - Nakk - 04-03-2018

Nakk watched, half-amused, as the stranger quickly grew aware of what had happened, his confusion clear and obvious and although he could feel another wolf's scent nearby, his attention remained entirely focused on the large lerk. It seemed as though the casual encounter would soon turn into a party and he couldn't help but wonder whether it was some relative or friend of the stranger's. Regardless, he smirked as the dark male turned to him and nodded solemnly, raising an eyebrow; "I sure did. Intriguing, this world, isn't it? Taking us by surprise at each turn." He underlined his last words with another, more vigorous ripple before lazily sitting on his rump, letting out a yawn and settling comfortably to scratch a bothersome itch behind his ear. He hadn't been eating properly and, as per usual, his bones were quite visible, definitely far more than they would've been on a healthy weight individual. He would've loved if some helpless critter would fall into his maw just about now, but he could'n't really be bothered to hunt for himself. Maybe he could persuade one of the strangers to do it for him.

RE: on the hood of your heartbreak - Lucifer - 04-03-2018

Upon inspection, the large black wolf seemed to be confused about something, while the smaller wolf with red accents seemed to be enjoying himself. Lucifer's heart started pounding in his chest, as if he was boiling with excitement. Eyeing the rogue more closely, even though in closer proximity to the Lerk, he looked at his glowing runes with fascination. He seemed to possess water magic, and was using it to try and rattle the other, it seemed. Maybe the Azahi was wrong, and he was just being hopeful, nevertheless, he would take a shot at impressing this one. If they were friends just having a bit of banter, Lucifer had wings to carry him away, so with confidence, he showed himself to the Dynroth, popping his head out from behind the tree to give a grin to the other. His creamy fur slowly transitioning to the original state of dark red, his eyes changing too. He focused on an isolated dried leaf between the two, and after a few seconds, set it alight. His grin grew, and he ducked behind the tree in case the Lerk turned around.