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A new place, or a new rule - Marek Bearthorn - 04-20-2018

OOC Note: This is Maerk's attempt of starting a pack and claiming the Shining Woods as her own. Looking for dark wolves with dark hearts to join. Those with good hearts aren't exactly welcome in her presence though!

Marek ripped at a deer carcass that she has caught on her own, enjoying the taste of meat that fell upon her lips. Though she was enjoying her large meal, she wasn't all that happy. What was she unhappy about? Those goody good wolves with goody good hearts. All the wolves she had met were weak, always wanting to be heroes and help others. She scowled as she continued to eat her meal. This piece of land was decent, nice prey, good conditions, but the fact it was winter made the climate in this territory very cold. If only this land was hers, but alas, you can't have a pack with one wolf. She craved a pack of her own with dark, powerful wolves who could be her allies, and command on a whim. Yet with all these positive good wolves around, this seemed unlikely. She took another mouthful of her meat as she pondered about her dream pack in her mind, she wanted an empire. 'All these good wolves have no potential, they're to weak.' She though this as she continued to eat. A sigh escaped her mouth as she ate, frustrated at the lack of power from these dumb canines. As she ate her food she wondered if there was one wolf with dark potential, but she highly doubted it. She knew the power Lerkrats had, and encouraged their presence, but she knew not all dark wolves were Lerkrats. Yet, any wolf with a dark aura was welcome in her presence. She believed Lerkrat to be superior, but any wolf who was strong enough to be in this dream pack of hers, was a good enough wolf for her. Marek knew that there was little chance she could meet such wolves, but she held out hope. Hope, that maybe she can create something different, and leave a legacy that could never be broken.