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Sverige Site-Wide Update! - Calico - 05-05-2018

Hey y'all! Y'all that are still around at any rate. ^^

It's been a while since I've actually posted any news or announcements. Heck, that writing challenge I just archived had been up since January, with no changes by me. I was even a bit late with changing the season, sadly. Sad

To be honest, I don't have time to admin this place like I'd prefer to any longer. I really just don't. Some background for those of you that might be interested in such things: 

I started wolf role-play by joining a role-play forum site back in 2007. I'd been role-playing on very occasional fantasy forums / chat rp / real life tabletop rp for YEARS but a friend's advertisement for this one wolf role-play was just so tempting, I joined her at it. Honestly, I don't know why it was so tempting, I'm a CAT person, it should have been a Warriors RP that drug me in. xD LOL

My boyfriend joined me, we played mated characters. At some point, we decided that we had enough of playing JUST in other people's games, I wanted my own game. I had ideas, they were good, people liked them. I created an entire world called "Paragon" which he and another friend helped with the ideas for. They both left after a couple of years, because my then husband was bored with it, and the friend got too IRL busy. 

Paragon lived on for 5+ years before I shut it down in 2012 due to lack of time. My work situation at that point was chaotic, my husbands wasn't any better (and he was unemployed for a while) and my finances were crumbling so I couldn't support the forum at all. At that time, I'd tried to move it from a paid forum to a free one and had lost all my players in the shuffle (people REALLY don't like losing their character histories/threads xD) and so I just shut it down because honestly, it wasn't fun anymore to rp by my lonesome and I was too busy/unmotivated at the time to look for new players. 

(I also REALLY REALLY suck at actually designing art stuffs and skins for boards so my board looked like crap xD  Want to see the train wreck? <a href="">click at your own risk!</a>)

I couldn't stay away from wolf roleplay for long, apparently. In 2013 I joined another rp and then met the original founder of Sverige, Josephine, and she managed to coerce me to join her on HER new game . . . you know, this one y'all are all on now. Wink

After a while, Josephine gave me Sverige because she wanted to move on and I didn't. I believed in the community and I loved the world and the things we'd created, and I added my own spin on things and changed some stuff around to my liking. 

So, now it's been 5 years. I'm actually pretty sure it was maybe March or April 2018 specifically but I can't remember now. 

For whatever reason, it seems like my ability and desire to admin a game like this has gone by the wayside. In the last couple of years, there have been a couple of big changes in my life - the biggest was that I got divorced in April of 2017 from my husband of 9 years due to irreconcilable differences. We had been dealing with problems for the last year before that, and they never got fixed. It was a very rough time for me, as some of you may recall. 

However, after I got divorced, it seems that my life has picked back up to a nice place again, and since I hadn't realized it was all that bad before, this was a surprising change. Friends that I didn't know wanted to hang out with me that much started inviting me to things all the time, and I was able to have the time and willingness to join my local video game orchestra (yes, we play video game music! ^^) which I am now in the admin staff of as the secretary/admin assistant. I've also started paying more attention to my health, which means going to the gym to swim and not being so sedentary all of the time. It's been great, I feel better and my life is definitely on an upswing. 

Unfortunately, that means less time for me to be sitting here obsessing over a role-playing forum. Do I still enjoy role-playing? Yes! Definitely! Am I planning on stopping? No! That would be bad! But I don't have time to log on here every morning - especially with my newer work schedule as of the last year which has me going into work much much earlier, and I don't have time to sit in the cbox and greet everyone all the time. 

I know many of you have gotten busy as well. That is life. Life happens. I certainly don't expect you to ignore your significant others or your job for a role-playing game. I used to do that to a degree, I'll admit, and it's not a good idea. 

So, what does this mean for Sverige? Well, I won't shut it down. If people still want to rp here, you're welcome to. I would like to keep rping with you guys but I can't promise I'm going to be fast. So it seems that perhaps we are at the "super relaxed rp" situation here on this forum. I appreciate those of you that have stuck with me this long.  Like REALLY appreciate. Even if you only show up once a month to reply to something. ^^

There just won't be any site wide plots, or major changes that happen, because I really really don't have time. Sorry guys ;.; You will have to be self-sufficient in your own rp. 

So, Sverige is still here for all of you, if you want it. However, let this be me telling you also that if for any reason, you felt like some sort of loyalty to me or the game's success was chaining you here and you just can't any longer . . . I won't be mad. Truthfully, I never WAS mad when people left, usually just sad to miss rping with them or worried if they hadn't given any notice that they left that something unfortunate had happened to them. 

It is free for me to keep this site on icyboards as long as I log into it periodically. The cbox will stop being renewed in August, but will still exist, just not have all the fancy doodads that go with it (which means it'll probably get ads or lose some filtering, idk). 

Questions? Want to say something? Feel free! I'll set this thread up to ping me via email if it gets replied to. ^^

~ Calico ^^

RE: Sverige Site-Wide Update! - Vanilla Custard - 05-11-2018

Let me first say that I am happy for you!
It sounds like you have a great life now, much better than before, so good for you! If upkeeping Sverige doesn’t fit so well in that life, I understand, I mean, it’s not like my life isn’t hectic right now.
My own evenings aren’t very long, which is why I don’t log on very much. And yes, the gym is already getting neglected by me Wink

So I already am and will continue to be one of those people that occasionally come by to see how you’re all doing and maybe post a bit if I have the creative energy to do so. I totally understand that life can eat people away and so far I’ve always been impressed by how much you were able to be here (unless it was February Wink ).

RE: Sverige Site-Wide Update! - Calico - 05-12-2018

I seriously love it if y'all still want to post a bit, and I'll post back, too, I still like these characters. <3 ^^ And I'm happy to pop on every few days and post and such.

I just don't have time to do this every single day, and I don't have the time to go around and advertise my butt off and try and round up a bunch of people again. Yes, you do need many different members to provide the variety to keep everyone from just circling around and rping with the same people day in and out.

Also, I hate to say it - because I like this place a lot - but there are many other wolf rps out there that are shinier with better art, and attractive concepts and such. I'm not mad, honestly, sometimes shinier things happen. I don't have the skills or time to compete xD

RE: Sverige Site-Wide Update! - Calico - 05-26-2018

Unfortunately, I've just gotten notice that Icyboards is ending ALL hosting services by the end of July.

Read here:

This is a huge sadness for me, honestly because I've loved the service and I feel they were a HUGE asset to the community as a whole.

As well it sort of throws a wrench in plans to just "hang out with Sverige as a slow placed rp" ;.;

I DO have the option to port Sverige over to jcink if people are interested in continuing their characters' stories. Still will be free, but it will be invision power board, which is different from Mybb, ie. won't use some of the same coding and the like. I've used invision before, it's not horrible, just a bit to get used to.

RE: Sverige Site-Wide Update! - Nakk - 05-28-2018

I'd like to see Sveridge ported over, mostly because I still love all these characters way too much to just see them vanish D:
Even if I'm super slow and have been kinda on the inactive side for a while

RE: Sverige Site-Wide Update! - Calico - 05-28-2018

I will probably do that, honestly, because thinking about it myself I don't really want to lose my characters either. ;.;

Even if no one else here will play with me xD

RE: Sverige Site-Wide Update! - Calico - 05-28-2018

Oh, and I have to wait a bit to port it, due to the guy that runs jcink actually polishing up a nice transfer program so that we don't lose things. ^^

So feel free to post, I won't just one day wake up and do it without at least telling  y'all Smile

RE: Sverige Site-Wide Update! - Calico - 07-18-2018

So, it won't be properly skinned for a bit, but I think I can do the conversion this weekend. The forum link SHOULD be: if I'm doing everything right. LOL

There will be a redirect set up here as well so that if you missed this announcement you can still find us!! ^^