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Introduction & Setting Information
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Introduction & Setting Information

General Information

Several hundred years in the future, humans have destroyed themselves in nuclear war. This war affected the entire continent that Sweden is on as well as surrounding areas. Most cities did not survive and were entirely destroyed, yet Stockholm seems to have somewhat remained, as it was the last bastion for humanity back in the day. In the years to follow, the fallout had changed the creatures of the world, evolving certain species so that they are specially designed to survive in this harsh new world. The most diverse of these species are the wolves, of which there are now six different types, called azahi, dynroth, di'shei, ubeli, lerkrat and gourom.

The lands surrounding this ruined city of Stockholm are an alien one to the creatures of Sverige. They have lived in forests or open areas free of humanity's brand for many years. Where the woods and tall grasses stopped, so did exploration. There are those who have now reached the edges of woods and lakes to see something on the horizon. Something that piqued their curiosity. . . but also gave them a sense of doom and danger. Whispers have passed through the wild lands, telling tale of this strange area of ruin. No one dared venture into the unknown for over hundreds of years, whether due to superstition or unwillingness to leave the comfort of their natural homes. But now something is calling them forth, willing them to blaze a new trail. There are some who refuse. Even more answer the summons.

Those who leave the familiarity of their woodland homes find a large area containing crumbling ruins of stone, metal, and concrete. Mother Nature strives to erase evidence of humanity's existence as structures no longer truly resemble what they once were. She has a long way to go, for their influence is still felt all over the land. There are still small amounts of radiation in every living organism- every blade of grass, and every gulp of water. However, the world has adapted, and it's creatures too, as wolves have strange mutations that aid them to survive in these new lands and set them apart from the more mundane.

Current State of Stockholm and Surrounding Lands

The overall radiation in the lands has been largely cleared up as of the beginning of Year 6 - meaning the largest source of radiation is in the Wastelands in the center of the ruined city of Stockholm. This is due largely in part to a few humans that had resurfaced after being released from cryo-stasis years ago, that had finally been able to activate some systems that cleaned up a majority of the city's overall radiation. As well, this decline in radiation can also be attributed to nature reclaiming more of the city, as well as other areas of the game outlying the ruined city that were not as touched by the initial apocalyptic tumult that had caused this in the first place hundreds of years ago. Even without massive amounts of radiation everywhere, wolves still sprout mutations and sometimes lose mutations as if perhaps some of it is still within their blood after so many years of being exposed. Perhaps also this is due to the fact that most wolves have learned to use elemental affinities, the magic having an effect on them as well. How this all truly works is still a mystery.


Radiation is used as an excuse for why some characters undergo radical body changes, such as growing wings, tusks or even multiple appendages. Even while the radiation of this world has been subdued over the years, this can still apply to your character. Surely there are small pockets of such that can be found incidentally (such as digging into the ground, perhaps) to alter your wolf in certain manners.  As well, there are some mutations that seem to simply be "in the blood" (free mutations in the shop) that your character can gain. This works as well for losing mutations as it is entirely plausible to have a character lose a mutation if they would like, it simply means selling that item back to the shop so that it is removed from your character's profile!

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RE: Introduction and Setting Information

The Seasons


Temperatures are slightly chilly, remaining in the area of 50°F (9°C) or so. Unlike autumn and winter, spring is typically fairly sunny, so the cold is more bearable.

There may be very light drizzles in spring, though the weather is mostly very steady. Clear skies, gentle breezes.

Prey is beginning to return from hibernation or hiding. It may be a bit hard to come by in the beginning, but as spring is in full swing there is never an issue of having enough food.

The days get long again, gaining a few minutes each day. About thirteen hours of sunlight a day being typical in the middle of spring. The sun will rise around 7 AM and set around 5 or 6 PM.


Temperatures range from 65 to 80°F (18 - 27°C). There is no real pattern for what the weather will be like. It may be very cool one day and then be blistering hot the next. The day may start off pleasant, then turn foul with rain, and then become enjoyable again once the rain passes. There tends to be a gentle breeze, though there are also days when the wind will fiercely blow. Sometimes it is difficult to fight against, and it might just be easier to keep put until it goes away.

Prey of all sorts is plentiful, especially in the forests where everything is now in full bloom.

There are very few hours of darkness in the summer. The sun will rise as early as 3:30 AM and set around 10 PM in the middle of summer.


Temperatures are around 50°F, though come nightfall temperatures may drop down to freezing (10°C - 0°C). The temperature gradually decreases alongside the changing of the leaves, getting colder and colder as more of them fall.

Skies are clear as often as they are cloudy and there is usually a cold wind blowing, however there are some days where it may drizzle rain. It should not be a surprise if it decides to rain buckets, though- it is not a common occurence, though it can sometimes happen.

There is still typically enough prey to go around, though quite a bit of it is also getting ready for the winter- making prey animals more hostile.

The days begin to grow shorter, losing several minutes of daylight each day. There are around 12 to 10 hours of sunlight in autumn, gradually growing shorter as the season progresses. The sun rises between 4:30 AM - 6:00AM and sets around 9 or 10 PM.


Temperatures regularly reach freezing (32°F or 0°C) and may drop to as little as -5°F (-20°C) as the season progresses.

Snow is not always a promise during a Swedish winter. It is not unusual for a winter to pass with only a few weeks of snow on the ground. If snows come at all, they may come several weeks in to the season. When this happens, there tends to be a lot of snow fall, though it comes in slow, fat, lazy flakes. Hail is uncommon, as well as blizzards or any serious snow storms.

Much of the prey has gone into hiding or hibernation. There are no easy kills at this time- big game is often the only viable option.

There are anywhere between 9 to 7 hours of sunlight, with the days getting shorter as the middle of winter approaches. The sun rises late in the eighth hour of the morning and tends to set around three o' clock in the afternoon. It is very often cloudy, however, so there are days when it seems the sun does not shine at all.

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RE: Introduction and Setting Information

Maps / Travel Distances

General Maps

As you can see, in the overall map, this is the playable area of Sverige, with the city of Stockholm in the middle. The landscape is broken up and has been slightly reformed in this area due to past events:  land-moving and shattering machines used in the conflicts that destroyed humanity, scientific experimentations into warfare that changed the weather, permanently, in certain locations  and natural erosions due to unchecked damage from storms and the like over the course of nearly 300 years. 

Due to warfare experimentations, the weather in the north is always very frigid and cold, in any season, this is extremely true in the Frigid Plains and the Ice Forest and to a lesser extent in the Chill Ridges and Foul Marsh. The rest of the landmass behaves normally with the seasons, although there is the knowledge that the uncharted areas to the west and slightly north are more along the lines of a dry, barren desert. There are created (terraformed) land bridges that link the north west part of  the created "island" of Stockholm to the west region and the north east part of Stockholm to the east region as well as the northern part to the north region.

Map drawn by Josephine, for use on Sverige

Detailed Maps

This map shows off the areas of the ruined city as the wolves have come to know them through exploration. To the west and northern corner are ruined dwellings of a former residential area where many odd trinkets can be found. Center north is an old zoo area and northeast is an old ruined university with many destroyed buildings, streets and greenspaces.

Through the middle is the large sinkhole, old library and a golfcourse. In the southern half lies a large shiny building that the humans seem to live in, a misty expanse of desolate land, and a cemetary. Near the river lies a broken down auditorium, a crumbling wooden boardwalk and the beach where an old ship rots in the sea.

Map drawn by Pya, for use on Sverige

Travel Distances

This map gives a "general" idea of travel distances, in miles, for the playable area of Sverige. Keep in mind that these distances are "as the crow flies" and do not take into account terrain changes or having to cross a river or two. 

Map drawn by Josephine, edited by Calico, for use on Sverige

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RE: Introduction and Setting Information

This is a general timeline of major events that have occurred within our game. Keep in mind that this is also a record of dates as far as when the years have gone by and what seasons were when. So not every entry in the timeline will have a major event that had happened, as some seasons were simply barren of anything notable. Smile

Prior to Game Events:

Winter, 2000

Experimentation begins in the city of Stockholm, talented researchers working on a way to genetically engineer wolves into different species for their own personal gain. These wolves would be used for aid in digging, protection, and even as particularly interesting pets.  These experiments took place in a prestigious science facility in the north of the city. War was on the horizon and scientists were looking to alternative ways to avoid human deaths in said oncoming conflict. Also at this time, machines were built to start terraforming the surrounding lands to hopefully make them more defensible, as well as even going so far as to change the sea level in some areas.

Autumn, 2055

The humans begin a world-wide war, the city of Stockholm becoming swiftly involved in the conflict due to it's higher than normal concentration of brilliant scientists. A kindly researcher releases the surviving wolves of the experiments into the forests and grasslands around the city, not wishing them to be destroyed in the battle, or used for what they were intended to be used for, realizing that this war is not going to be an easy one. The wolves go into the forests and begin to interbreed with the other species there. Terraforming takes place as well as environmental changes caused by machines that are sent far up into the atmosphere, hoping to give them an edge over the other nations as the nuclear weapons are primed to fly. This war is a fairly long one and by the end of the 45 year conflict, all nations are destroyed.

Spring, 2100

War has ended, the human population has been decimated in pretty much all areas of the world. Stockholm is a destroyed ruin and the surrounding lands have taken a toll as well after large war machines have devastated large areas, including climate and sea level changes in some areas. The entire mass of the continent that Sweden is upon has been permanently altered, many of the smaller islands that had made up Stockholm had sank or been decimated, and only one larger land mass remains. The genetically altered wolves are now the only wolf species left in the lands, having completely eradicated any other traces of their wild ancestors, due to their superior genetics and heightened ability to survive the changes in environments brought upon by the wars. Other species, too, have started to become permanently changed by this war and new creatures start to crop up in some areas.

Start of Game Events:

Spring, 2342 Year 1
ooc dates: April 10th - July 1st, 2013 

Wolves start exploring the ruined city of Stockholm, having been called here by strange feelings or whispered rumors. Exploration is done, the initial explorers find an abandoned auditorium, a long boardwalk, beach overlooking the river, and a new area that is found hidden under the ruins of the boardwalk. As they explore, the wolves also start to feel the tendrils of strange energy waves that overcome the area periodically. Often, these energy waves are found to have changed the wolves afterwards, giving them odd mutations. The other thing that has been concerning the wolves of Sverige are the strange metallic objects that fly about in the sky, making strange humming noises. They appear to be originating from somewhere in the city, but no wolf has found out where yet.

Summer, 2342 Year 1
ooc dates: July 2nd - August 15th, 2013

A new pack is formed, Orior, claiming the area of the tunnel under the boardwalk. A group of wolves have finally figured out where the strange metal flying objects are originating from, finding a strange shiney building in the middle of the city that is somehow, not ruined like the others around. After managing to work it open with their elemental magics combined, they found a strange room, and a glowing Ubeli that called himself Holer. After telling the wolves of strange things called humans that used to live in this city, he released several of them from strange pods (cryogenic stasis pods) and disappeared. The wolves fled, not understanding these strange, tall beings that seemed to be alternately frightened of them and also aggressive. The strange waves of energy still creep over the ground in random intervals, causing the wolves to be wary of the lands around.

Fall, 2342 Year 1
ooc dates: August 16th - Oct 1st, 2013

Another pack is formed, calling themselves Divum, finding themselves a home south of the Dark Woods to claim as their own. A mystical Azahi appears in the Dark Woods, offering to train those wolves whom are worthy in magical and healing skills. Several wolves of Orior continue to stalk the humans that are tentatively roaming around the city to get a better idea of what they are and what they are doing. It is difficult to understand their methods and for the most part, they are seen as unfamiliar and potentially dangerous.

A mysterious illness is found to originate from the Dark Woods in the later half of the season, affecting several wolves, including the Alpha of Orior pack, Chanjask. His mate, Keita, has to find a new plant that lives deep under the water and travel to the most eastern part of the lands outside of the city ruins to cure him.  Afterwards, this disease is known as "Sun-Eyes" for it's hallucinogenic effect that it has on a wolf as well as the intense fever that a wolf acquires during the disease.

A new group of wolves have started living in and around the shiney building that the humans originated from, calling themselves "Holer's Demons", as they worship the strange glowing Ubeli that appeared when the humans were released. Two strange creatures were also spotted in the area, one in a large building within the city, and another underwater near the ruins of the ship in the river!

Winter, 2342 Year 1
ooc dates: Oct 2nd - Nov 15th, 2013

The first hybrid puppies are born in the area to the Alpha of Orior Chanjask and Shaman of Orior, Keita. Another new pack has formed, calling itself Browar, claiming an area in the northern city ruins (University) as their own. More and more wolves enter the area around ruined Stockholm every day.

Spring, 2342 Year 2
ooc dates: Nov 16th - Dec 31st, 2013

With the oncoming of spring, the strange humans that were released have now started to make their presence more known.  A group of them have stayed near their original location, taking up residence in another dwelling that is still solid, and appear to be investigating the wolves somehow.  These humans seem to be scavenging through the city and have interacted peacefully with several wolves.  However, some of these humans are quite war-like, however, causing trouble with several wolves and packs.

A wolf formerly of Orior pack was caught in a trap within one of the ruins of the city, and another, a wolf whom had been primary of the group Holer's Demons was killed when her group came across them while exploring.  A group of these more war-like humans have found an old golf course to live in and have been trapping wolves, and then releasing them after imprisoning them for a long periods of time in poor conditions. One of these wolves, near the end of the spring season, accidentally led the humans to the Browar pack area, where they attacked, demolishing some of the ruins with a large weapon of fire and smoke they had before wreaking havoc among the wolves that lived therein. They also brandished strange long black objects that spat fire and smoke to target individuals.

Summer, 2343 Year 2
ooc dates: January 1st - February 15th, 2014

The attack on Browar was repelled, largely due to the help of the Alphas of Orior, whom had arrived to lend a paw by using powerful magics of earth and fire to aid the wolves in the destruction of those whom had come to harm them.  The wolves of Browar were able to clean up their home again, and solidify a better plan of defense for any sort of further attack on their home.  However, the humans numbers had been devastated, and the remaining handful rejoined their fellows whom had stayed in the south-western part of the city near the river, regrouping and perhaps leaving the wolves be for now.  

The Alpha of Divum bore new puppies into the world, continuing to strengthen the idea that new life will continue to happen in this strange place.  The demon known as Holer seems to have lost some of his followers, as some of the wolves are beginning to doubt that he is as real as he says.

Fall, 2343 Year 2
ooc dates: February 16th, 2014 - March 30th, 2014

The humans have not shown their faces much in the fall, seeming to have all holed up to recover their losses, which were great, from the failed attack on Browar.  Another pack has been created, going by the name of Malum, and they have taken over an area of an old cemetary within the ruins.

Divum's alpha, Sorine, died due to complications after birthing her pups, leaving the pack disorganized.  However, Freyja, Herald of Valkryi has stepped up to the position, holding the now small pack together by force of will.

Chanjask, the Alpha of Orior, has gone missing, taking one of his sons, Naos, with him.  Shortly after, the pack, still led by his mate, Keita, moves to the south of Stockholm to claim a new land around a lake, calling the area the Still Lake, and abandoning the city.  

The most surprising turn of events was related to the god known as Holer, however.  During a massive thunderstorm, there was much damage due to lightning to the top of the building, and the god has not been seen since, and no trace of him has been found.  His followers, dejected, have simply seemed to vanish, feeling themselves perhaps responsible for his demise.

Winter, 2343 Year 2
ooc dates: March 31st, 2014 - May 16th, 2014

Some humans have gone to explore the science facility and were met with a bit of resistance from a handful of wolves, some looking for the mysterious demon god Holer. Holer was found, but not in the same state that they remembered him in, leading to confusion as to whether the god is there any longer.The humans seemed to take some things from the facility and left, the facility now abandoned completely, not even Holer being seen within any longer.

Browar continues to expand their territory, taking over the ruined zoo and the old golf course where some of the humans used to be. The pack continues to stretch their influence, even bullying other packs from settling too close to their lands.  Some of the wolves that had been pulled to this area by foot or by portal, now start to leave the city and find more habitable land to the south, west, north and east. 

Spring, 2343 Year 3
ooc dates: May 16th, 2014 - June 30th, 2014

A great many changes overcame the lands in this season, one of the main ones being that the large pack of Browar disbanded after the tragic death of Absynthe, it's leader, as well as one of her pups. The remaining leader of the pack took many of his wolves and left the lands of Sverige altogether, scattering any left behind members to the winds. The university is now abandoned.  

The humans have gotten more active, running about the city looking for something, and finding several things that they seem to be trying to get with their limited ability. A small group of three humans: one black colored human with a fire stick and two white, tan and blue colored humans with strange apparatus in their hands seem to have been hovering around each location once a day as if they are trying to acquire something. Several wolves attempted to help them at two of the locations, while at the third, where there was a small box balanced on a precarious height, the wolves took the box and ran off with it, fearing the humans' interaction.

Several new packs have started to rise up in various places around Sverige, one up in the icy north and another in the railway station of the city.  Orior has gained a larger presence in the south lands, presenting itself as a more open, helpful and peaceful pack. 

Summer, 2343, Year 3
ooc dates: July 1st, 2014 - August 15th, 2014

Two new packs have offiically forged homes within the lands, Alfheimr claiming the Ice Forest and Ikanzi, claiming a portion of the Shining Woods.

The humans were seeking some objects in the city, and having now found several of them, have retreated back to their dwelling. Things have been strangely quiet, but perhaps that is simply due to the heat of the summer preventing many wolves from being too active.

Fall, 2343, Year 3
ooc dates: August 16th, 2014 - September 30th, 2014

A new pack is born, in the Old Farm, started by a wolf that came through a portal from another land called Aporia Moros. Her pack is dedicated to that of the dark, having recruited many of a similar ilk, and they have already this season kidnapped an expectant mother from Ikanzi, which has caused them to become enemies. Archaica has risen.

The city of Stockholm remains eerily quiet, no packs, nor wolves have truly laid any claim there since the fall of Browar. The humans have not been seen at all, and some wonder if any are still alive. 

Winter, 2343, Year 3
ooc dates: October 1st, 2014 - November 14, 2014

The city of Stockholm picked up a bit of activity when a few humans decided to brave the snow and go on a hunting expedition and a snow shoveling expedition. The wolves, still curious about them and their origins, seemed to tolerate them for the most part, even bringing them a kill as an offering of sorts.

Spring, 2343, Year 4
ooc dates: November 15, 2014 - December 31, 2014

Summer, 2343, Year 4
ooc dates: January 1, 2015 - February 14, 2015

Odd changes were coming over the lands at random near the start of summer, strange scents of an oily sulfur as well as harsh winds were kicking up in many places outside of the stone ruins, which was quite unusual for the more wild lands of the area. It almost seemed as if a rank, stinking cloud of something invisible had hovered over these areas for a moment before moving on.

A group of five humans returned to the building where the strange god Holer had once been known to live, and where they had once come from many years ago. They were seeming to search for something, and went into the building followed by several inquisitive wolves. However, they weren't in there long before some sort of explosion was set off by their rummaging about and they went running from the building, one of their number trying to make sure that all the wolves made it out as well before the entire thing collapsed into rubble.

A day after this explosion in the city, a large, silver, triangular shaped object was seen appearing in the sky over the Shining Woods that seemed odd. It made a strange noise and an orb with a red eye came out from it and seemed to look around the area to the south of the city. However, it did not stop over the woods, instead keeping on going until it reached the city and then stopped overhead the ruined building that had exploded the previous day. After a few more of the silver orbs seemed to come out and circle about, a red ray of light came down from it and burned and melted the remaining parts of the ruined building to ash. The end result of this was a large object being set down in the middle of the now barren area and exploding, creating a huge sinkhole in the area that would have swallowed up several wolves if not for the quick actions of a few.

Autumn, 2343, Year 4
ooc dates: February 15, 2015 - March 31, 2015

Suddenly, on the last day of Autumn with a clear blue sky that gave no hint of what was to come, there was a loud, shattering boom from the skies. This could likely be heard many, many miles away, and even if it hadn't, the resulting explosion that occurred when a very large object, many wolflengths long, came down from the sky was even louder. The object had a strange dome structure on one end of it and the rest of it's length was long and cylindrical with many little bits jutting out of every which way. It landed with a loud creaking and clash, and then settled there, seeming to come to it's final resting point. Humans came onto the scene slightly after a bunch of wolves had assembled and one of them started to tinker with the object. However, before they could do much with it, some sort of alarm started and the wolves tried to aid the humans and stop the object from possibly exploding as a similar one had done previously. While stopping the explosion, they did not stop a dangerous gas from being emitted that covered the area and was not easily blown away by winds for quite some time.  Humans being more fragile, one of them had to be helped back to their dwelling by the wolves, and they were thanked by being given things that were edible as a reward.

Winter, 2343, Year 4
ooc dates: April 1, 2015 - May 15, 2015

Spring, 2344, Year 5
ooc dates: May 16, 2015 - June 30, 2015

In mid-spring, a strange object simply fell from the sky and seriously poisoned the small pond that was within the Shining Woods, having been a home to several aquatic dwelling wolves. No cause was seen to have this happen and the wolves that lived in the pond fled to Orior for shelter.

Summer, 2344, Year 5
ooc dates: July 1, 2015 - August 15, 2015

Autumn, 2344, Year 5
ooc dates: August 16, 2015 - September 30, 2015

After a deadly mist was unleashed over a large swath of the inner city by a strange thing that had fallen from the sky, several humans in very strange costumes showed up and decided to go inside and investigate. While they were doing so, one of them interacted peacefully with a curious wolf that had decided to follow them in. They managed to open up the strange object that had previously fallen and were tinkering with it, when suddenly it seemed to emit a high pitched squeal and they scattered as it emitted a bang and a cloud of dark colored smoke, seeming to go inert suddenly. The humans seemed dejected about this outcome and left the area immediately.

Winter, 2344, Year 5
ooc dates: October 1, 2015 - November 14, 2015

The humans have strangely been out and about within the stone ruins, even though it's clear that they are not as pleased of the cold. They seemed to tinker with something deep within the old building in the center of the city (library), taking something into the building and then leaving without any knowledge to any of the wolves of what they had specifically done.

As well, two other strange sights were witnessed by a handful of wolves within the city. A strange silvery rectangular object, about as large as a standard dynroth, had risen from the ground in two particular areas of the city and then moved about in a rather set pattern, producing an odd 'clean' smell, as if performing some duty before coming to a stop in a certain place and disappearing by sinking back under the ground. There is an assumption that there were other devices like this that had done the same thing in other areas as well.

Spring, 2345, Year 6
ooc dates: November 15, 2015 - December 31, 2015

A change has swept over the ruined city of Stockholm and it’s surrounding lands. Suddenly, it seems as if the air is clearer, and the water more drinkable. All of this seems to have to do with the two legged creatures that had been tinkering with strange metallic objects over the last year, some causing drastic changes to the lands, and others having a much more subtle effect. Humans have managed to return the lands back to a more “normal” state. While there is still some radiation, it is nowhere near as concentrated as it has been as they have applied their limited means to remove most of it from the atmosphere. As well, nature has taken over more and more of the lands around and within the ruined city and that too, has contributed to the fact that the radiation has diminished greatly. Prey is more numerous and drinkable water is aplenty.

Due to all of this, it appears that something has happened to the wolves. Perhaps it was due to the tinkering that the humans did, somehow causing something to unlock more genetic potential for the wolves. Maybe it was the radiation leaving the area, which may have been stifling some of the species themselves, preventing them from naturally accessing all of their potential. At any rate, some aspects that were once considered mutations are now simply often given by the genetic makeup of the wolf, and others have disappeared entirely. As well, wolves that may have felt stifled in some aspects of their own given skills now have a bit more freedom.Since the humans seemed to have activated protocols to remove much of the obvious large pockets of radiation from the areas, they have been out and about more often and are more visible exploring areas such as the suburbs, seeming to scavenge parts for unknown purposes. There appear, however, to only be approximately 12 of the individuals remaining in the city and it does not appear any more are arriving. 

As well, it seems the humans have had a good interaction with several wolves now, Shiloh and Aamu of Divum and Nalamimi of Zanali having come upon a group of them on the bridge, trying to catch some fish. One of the humans had become injured and after gaining their trust, the wolves helped him back to his dwelling in the strange shiny building (Research Station). Also, Conall of The Aegis and Stellanti of Zanali had interacted peacefully with a few humans at their shiney building, even though they were afraid at first.

Summer, 2345, Year 6
ooc dates: January 1, 2016 - February 14, 2016

Autumn, 2345, Year 6 
ooc dates: February 15, 2016 - March 30, 2016

Winter 2345, Year 6
ooc dates: March 31, 2016 - May 14, 2016

Spring 2346, Year 7
ooc dates: May 15, 2016 - June 30, 2016

The pack known as Archaica has disbanded, due to a lack of interesting wolves to join their cause. However, the wolves Aporia Moros and Abyss are not strangers, and may still be gathering speed to try to hatch their evil plots upon the lands again . . .

Summer 2346, Year 7 
ooc dates: July 1 2016 - August 14, 2016

Autumn 2346, Year 7
ooc dates: August 15, 2016 - September 30, 2016

Winter 2346, Year 7
ooc dates: October 1, 2016 - November 14, 2016

The cold winter winds were blowing in from the north, the gods of Winter finally having come down to grace the lands with their presence. Skies all over were darkened and the days were quite short now, the light only lasting so long before it was hidden by the cover of darkness above. Prey had become quite scarce now, those that migrated having left in the eve of Autumn, and those that slept having already built their dens to snooze the cold days away.

In these lands, however, nothing was ever still and normal, not even if it had seemed for a moment to be. No, anything and everything could change in the blink of an eye. Even if the radiation had long ceased and the humans had disappeared into the safety of their dwelling perhaps for good now. Something was still lurking, and it wasn’t finished with the lands yet.

As Winter’s entrance bell tolled, there was a great unrest in the lands. All over the stone ruins (ruined Stockholm) as well as the lands to the four cardinal directions of it, came a great shaking and a shuddering as if the very earth was being compelled to throw all that was upon it, off into space. Huge cracks became visible in some places, wrought by the movement of the earth below, causing areas where there were structures to collapse into even further dismay.

The epicenter of this seemed to be the old city as even more structures fell into dust, falling into large fissures that had opened up within the dusty stone. Most affected were several areas of these ruins: the boardwalk and that underneath of it, collapsing old tunnels and dwellings underneath the old wooden walkway that had suddenly simply lost it’s position and tumbled into the riverside, the auditorium, the large domed structure simply falling askew into a large crevice that had opened up suddenly in the middle of it’s walls, and the graveyard, the shaking and rumbling of the earth carving a fissure down the near center of the domain, showing a great swath of the inside of the earth including strange rotting wooden boxes lying beneath.

However, it was not that other locations were unaffected. Even as the quake shook and shattered, it felled trees and created sinkholes in other places further out, even bumping up pieces of the land that were formerly flat into a more rocky surface.

Spring 2347, Year 8
ooc dates: November 15, 2016 - December 31, 2016

Summer, 2347, Year 8
ooc dates: January 1, 2017 - February 14, 2017

Autumn, 2347, Year 8 
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RE: Introduction & Setting Information

Creating a New Character in our Setting

There are really only two different ways that a new character will be able to fit within our setting and timeline. Since the area that Sverige takes place in is only a small part of a larger "land mass" here are explanations of the accepted manners in which new characters enter our role-play.

Through a Portal!

One of the known oddities of our lands is the fact that sorcerous portals can have the tendency to pop up wherever they feel like it and dump a wolf into these lands. These portals, upon releasing a wolf into the lands, also change that wolf to one of our six species as well as wipes out any information that they may know about humans or human-like things. These portals, as well, will take away any increased powers and skills that a wolf might have had before and substitute them with Sverige mutations and beginner skills.  Essentially your wolf still starts as an entirely fresh, new character in the role-play.

The idea of entering the world via a portal can be used if you want to have your character to have an elaborate history that would not fit within these lands. This also allows you to bring in a character that may be of a more advanced age, as characters that are native to the lands do have restrictions on this. (Keeping in mind that you should also take immortality as a starting mutation should you want your wolf to continue living on unhindered.)  It also gives an easy way for you to bring in a character that has varied different experiences and outlooks that would be outside of the ideas of our role-play here. As well, this allows you to bring in a character that you may have played in another role-play that you are quite attached to. Just keep in mind that all characters that come through portals will be altered to one of the Sverige wolf species, including any species restrictions, so if you are bringing in a "favorite character" from another role-play, they may have to be altered slightly when they arrive through the portal.

It is not required to have an elaborate write-up of your history in your profile if you would like to keep that to yourself. All that is necessary is for you to state that your wolf came through a portal into these lands from other lands. Smile 

Native to the Lands

You most certainly can create a character that is a "native", ie. born in the lands somewhere. However, their histories will need to be vague as far as locations, as the general idea of our lands is that wolves come from the surrounding areas of wildlands to investigate the strange ruins of the former city of Stockholm. The other lands outside of the immediate area where our role-play takes place are assumed to simply be wild and overgrown, home to wolves that were not willing to come out from their safe havens. 

A couple good examples of native histories can be found in Freyja's Profile and Phoenix's Profile. You are most certainly allowed to make up packs that your characters may have formerly lived in, but they cannot be packs that are within the direct lands of our role-play, as your new wolves have not been to this area yet. As well, natives to the lands must follow the rules of the role-play, some of which are: pups will not survive if they are abandoned prior to 6 months of age, litters may not be hybrid litters (ie. any siblings/parents of your wolf are your same species), if choosing to start with a character with immortality they may not be older than 200 years, etc.


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