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Creating A Character
Guide Wolf PLAYED BY: Me! 11-19-2016, 03:56 PM
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Creating A Character
Creating a Character

Must Reads!

We do have rules that are very important to know when joining our game. Please read them first, so you know what you're getting into! Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

As well, it is a very good idea to read about our species, keeping in mind that each species has individual characteristics that you will be required to know to properly create your character. If it states that a species has a certain body type, that is the only body type that is allowed, as well as certain types of coloring to the pelt and other details. 

Create An Account

We are an account per character site, so for each character you wish to play, you will need another account. Our forum is set up so that you may use the same email address for all of your accounts, and your accounts may also be linked via an option in your User CP so that you may switch from account to account without logging out and logging back in again. 

Your character's account name should be ONLY the name of your character and nothing else. There should be no special "symbols" in your name such as exclamation points or other non-name symbols. You may use just your character's first name, or their full name, should they have a middle and a last name.  Please note that we are not a "Warriors" forum, using the "Warriors" naming convention for your character is not recommended. 

You are not required to have an OOC account, but you may if you wish. 

Craft Your Character

Once you have created your account, start filling out your profile. To do this, go to User CP > Edit Profile. The link to the User CP is underneath your account name in the top right corner of the forum.

You must fill in values for the sex, species, class, height and weight appropriate to your species, mutations (if you are taking any as freebies or are spending crowns on another character after your first), and the three 'detailed' areas of the profile: description (bare minimum, you must give the primary color of your wolf's pelt), personality, and history.  Keep in mind that if you wish to provide links to references, or a voice claim, you must do so using proper html to provide a clickable link. More information on how to do this can be found Here!

In your history, it is required to mention whether your character has come to these lands via a portal or is a native of these lands. Characters are allowed to come to these lands via a sorcerous portal that has ripped them from their old world into this one, or they may have lived around these lands their entire lives. Please take a look at the Creating a New Character In Our Setting information for further elaboration on this.

There are no length requirements for any of these fields.

Your character may not have been originally born a human or have any advanced knowledge on humans or the human world. Humans are not a large part of Sverige, and there are no plans for them ever to be. If they have come through a portal from a place where humans were a large part of the world, they will have forgotten all of it when they get here.

You get either two skills, two mutations, or one of each for free when you create a new character. You may not choose a sub-skill of another skill as a starting skill, as the requirement to have a sub-skill is to have an apprentice level in the "parent" skill. You also may not "level" a skill up to another level with one of your free things, as all skills require xp gained in character to level up.

Once you have finished filling out the profile, create a thread in this board. The title of the thread should only be the name of your character, and the message will only need to include which two free starters they will be getting. When you have posted the thread, an email notification will be instantly sent to the admin, and your application will be looked over next time she is doing admin duties. Calico, the admin, generally looks over applications in the early mornings, Eastern Standard Time. 


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