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Starting A Family & Puppy Guide
Guide Wolf PLAYED BY: Me! 11-19-2016, 05:56 PM
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Starting A Family & Puppy Guide
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To Start The Process:

So you want to have pups? You've decided to take the leap and create a family? Read on further for some information regarding that process. 

Sverige wolves can take mates whenever they please, although there are certain seasons in which they more commonly will breed to produce pups. In order to have pups, the two characters must have three completed threads together.  If you are in a pack, however, you may want to check with your Alpha first before deciding to take the leap - Alphas make the final decision on whether the pack can withstand having a pregnant mother and pups taking up their stores. 

You are not required to have a thread that specifically states that your characters are going through the breeding process, however, you are allowed to as long as all sexual situations are going to fade to black. We do not want the intimate details!

Keep in mind, prospective parents! If you're going to have puppies, the mother NEEDS to remain alive and active for the first 8 weeks in-character of pup development (until weaning). If you go inactive or kill off the mother prior to that, the pups WILL die. There are two exceptions to this rule that can be considered: 
1) If another milk-producing mother is found (ie. another that has within 8 weeks in-character given birth to pups in-character) to care for the puppies until properly weaned.
2) If the pups have an "eating" mutation (ie. rock eater, plant eater).  If a pup has an "eating" mutation they can be without a milk producing mother at 4 weeks in-character, as at this time, that mutation will be applicable.

Pups SHOULD have at least one parent around until 6 months in-character of age, even if they are within a pack. However, if that is not possible, the pups can still survive as long as they are weaned (older than 8 weeks in-character) and there is a guardian around.  If this is going to be the case, the guardian should be assigned prior to the parents leaving, however, if pups are in a pack they can be assumed to be caretaken by the pack unless the pack has rules otherwise.  If a pup is abandoned as a loner before 6 months, the pup will not survive, unfortunately.

Litter Submission:

Once you've finished your three required threads and have decided that you definitely want pups, please read this thread, and follow the rules within to submit your litter. An admin will look this over and ensure that everything has been done correctly. There are also rules in this thread that describe how to choose your date of whelping, so please read carefully!

Breeding Between Wolves of Vastly Different Sizes: 

Keep in mind that if the father is going to be a significantly larger size than the mother, complications or restrictions will likely occur. This is a very real concern that needs to be thought about before deciding to breed two wolves. If the mother is too small, she could die during whelping, leaving your puppies without a parent! Other long term complications can occur such as paralysis of the mother post-whelping, disfiguration of the mother or puppies, or puppies that are born extremely weak and sickly.  There are certain regulations that might help you decide whether to breed two wolves together: 

~ If your female wolf is a dwarf of their species, they will only be able to breed normally with other dwarf wolves of other species, or the smaller range of normal sized azahi and dynroth.  Any other attempted breeding will result in the death of the mother post-whelping and only a single pup "possibly" being able to be born and kept alive (only if there is a milk-producing mother nearby in-character).
~ If the male wolf is approximately twice the size (weight and height) of the female wolf or larger, breeding between the two will not be able to occur without significant long term damage to the female post-whelping, and the litter size will be no larger than 1 or 2 pups that will be very small at birth. 
~ If the male wolf and female wolf are the same height, but the male is up to approximately twice the weight or larger than the female, breeding can occur so long as the male is careful, but only 1 or 2 pups will be able to be born, and neither should have inherited giant at that time, and most often they will be small pups depending on the species.  [OOC:  This would be similar to if one were to breed a greyhound female to a mastiff male!]
~ Safest bet: if you are going to breed a large male to a smaller female, the female should be at least 3/4 of the male's size (height and weight) in order to have a normal birth with normal number of pups (including fertility if wished).

Beyond those specifications, just keep in mind that you must be realistic with your expectations of two wolves breeding with one another, wolves that are similarly sized will have the best opportunity to have full, healthy litters!

Breeding Between Two Different Species: 

A pup that is the result of breeding between two different species is known as a hybrid. Hybrids are only allowed to be created on-site, and may not be created otherwise.

Hybrid offspring have a maximum height of the height of the tallest parents and a minimum height of the height of the shortest parent. The same goes for the weight, the maximum weight is that of the weight of the largest parent, and the minimum weight is that of the weight of the smallest parent. This does include the parents' mutations such as "giant" or "dwarf" that alter the weight and height. They may fall between the upper and lower ranges or at the minimum or maximum of said ranges.
Colors of hybrids must fall within the color ranges of the mother and father, not to go outside of the ranges unless special mutations are purchased by the hybrids' player. Markings do not have any restrictions.

Anatomy of the hybrids may be closer to one species than the other, or a mix between the two. Either can be correct, however, most often, a hybrid is a mixture between the two. 

As to the class of the resulting hybrid, if the classes of the wolves in question match, that is the class that the pup will be. If the classes are different, then the pup will be a rogue.

Gestation Period & Pup Numbers: 

Different species have different gestation periods. Please make sure you know how long this will take. You can find this information on the info page for your species.

The gestation period is always that of the mother's species. She is the one carrying the pups, after all. For a hybrid wolf that is pregnant, the gestation period is the average between the two species that created the hybrid. For a hybrid wolf with either one hybrid and one purebred species, or two hybrid parents that is pregnant, the gestation period is 54 days.  For our purposes here, the gestation period is measured in "out of character" days, as in real time measurements. 

The number of puppies that can be born is an average between the two species (rounding down). For hybrid wolves the number of puppies born would be no more than 3, unless fertile is taken.


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