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Litters of Sverige
Calico PLAYED BY: Cheryl, ze Calico Cat 10-04-2014, 03:25 PM
Calico Cat of Awesomeness! ^^
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Litters of Sverige
This database will keep track of all of the litters of Sverige, listing the parents, birthdate, species and names of pups. This will serve as a reminder as to how old pups are, for easy record-keeping as well. Smile  Please feel free to reply if you think something needs to be changed or a litter should be added! Thank you. ^^

Keep in mind: For ages, you are calculating how many months/years (one month irl = two months Sverige time) have passed since the birthdate of the pups. Use the birth date NOT the birth season to calculate for the correct age. 

<b><i>Important Note:</i></b> Litters where neither the pups nor either of the parents are actively being played will be removed from this list.
<table cellspacing="10" align="center">
<tr><td><b>Date Born</b></td><td><b>Parents</b></td><td><b>Pups Names</b></td><td><b>Species</b></td><td><b>Age (year increments)</b></td></tr>

<tr><td>November 1, 2013</td><td><a href="">Keita</a> & <a href="">Chanjask</a> <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i></td><td><a href="">Circe</a>, <a href="">Killian</a> <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i>, <a href="">Naos</a> <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i>, <a href="">Sijor</a></td><td>Hybrid: Dynroth x Azahi</td> <td> 7 years</tr>

<tr><td>November 25, 2014</td><td>  Spirit <i><font color="c0c0c0">RIP</font></i> and Raven Lionheart <i><font color="c0c0c0">RIP</font></i></td><td>Crane <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i>, Cosmo  <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i>, Galaxy <i><font color="c0c0c0">RIP</font></i>,  Nebula  </td> <td>Hybrid: Di'shei x Lerk</td> <td> 5 years</td></tr>

<tr><td>October 1, 2015</td><td> <a href="">Aamu</a> x <a href="">Czestochowa</a> <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i> & <a href="">Torro De'Saint</a> <i><font color="c0c0c0">RIP</font></i> </td> <td><a href="">Aurora De'Saint</a>, <a href="">Castiel De'Saint</a>  <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i>, <a href="">Gabriel Czechowski</a> <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i>, <a href="">Ilma Czechowski</a> </td> <td>Hybrid: Dynroth x Ubeli & Dynroth x Azahi</td> <td>3 years</td></tr>

<tr><td>October 15, 2016</td><td><a href="">Ingens Avis</a> <i><font color="c0c0c0">RIP</font></i> x <a href="">Yukon</a> <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i></td> <td><a href="">Borealis</a> <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i>, <a href="">Freyadim</a>, <a href="">Glacielle</a> <i><font color="#F3E88E">MIA</font></i>, <a href="">Skadinna</a></td> <td>Hybrid: Di'shei x Lerk</td> <td>2 year</td></tr>

<tr><td>November 20, 2016</td><td><a href="">Enfys</a> x <a href="">Ahti</a> </td> <td><a href="">Skye</a>, <a href="">Seth</a>, <a href="">Iiris</a></td> <td>Di'shei</td> <td>1 year</td></tr>
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