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Calico PLAYED BY: Cheryl, ze Calico Cat 08-28-2014, 11:49 AM
Calico Cat of Awesomeness! ^^
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Read the below information to gain your improvement! Keep in mind that you MAY NOT use an improved skill in a post until it has been approved by the admin, Calico. This could take about 2-3 days due to the relaxed nature of our rp, thank you.  ^^

There is a way that we would like these improvements stated that will make it much, much easier for them to get done in a timely manner, and will facilitate proper record-keeping. Improvements that you are requesting in this forum include leveling up your skill to the next rank, requesting health/mana/stamina increases and changing your skills such as dropping a skill, acquiring a new skill or replacing a skill with it's sub-skill.  

Keep in mind, you MAY post with your OOC account, however, you MUST post the name of the wolf getting the improvement in the TITLE of your thread! Also, you may NOT post with an IC account that is different than the wolf whom is getting the improvement.

You must post ONE thread PER wolf whom is getting an improvement(s).

Please follow the instructions below to create your thread:

1) For the title of the thread:
~ If it is a <b><i>skill upgrade</i></b> put simply Upgrade or Request an Upgrade along with the name of the wolf getting the upgrade if you are posting with your OOC account.
~ If it is a <b><i>skill change</i></b> such as dropping a skill, acquiring a new skill or changing one skill to another skill, put only Skill Change in the title along with the name of the wolf if you are posting with your OOC account.
~ If it is a <b><i>stat change</i></b> put the name(s) of the stats that you are changing in the title or the words Stat Change, along with the name of the wolf getting the upgrade if you are posting with your OOC account.

2) For the body of the thread:
~ If it is any sort of a <i><b>skill change</b></i>, such as leveling up, dropping a skill, or acquiring a new skill, please simply note what skill is being leveled up or changed, the new level of said skill, and note how much XP is being used to do so. <a href="">The Skills Wiki Page</a> notes how much XP is needed for each subsequent level of a skill.
~ For a <b><i>stat change</i></b>, please note which stats are getting leveled up and by how much. You get +10 to any stat for every 10 posts you do in character. Your post count is easily found on your profile. That is your number of IC posts. <a href="">The Stats Wiki Page</a> notes how this works. Keep in mind that stat raises go up by 10 point increments only, we will not be halving increments of 10. <i>We will be checking your IC post count to ensure that you have done math appropriately. If there is any discrepancy, you will be notified.</i>

<b><i>Important To Know:</i></b>

~~ Please do not use any extraneous language in the title of the thread or the body of the thread save what is necessary for the improvement.  You MAY put multiple improvements for an individual character in a single thread, such as a stat boost and a new skill acquisition, however you must note that in the title of the thread appropriately. This is so that it can be found later on if needed

~~ Keep in mind that once you have dropped a skill, if you revisit that skill later on, you will start over at beginner level.

~~ As well, when acquiring a new skill, be aware that you must first acquire the skill at beginner level, before you can level it up. You are not allowed to "save up" xp and then spend it all at once to have a higher level skill for the first time. This makes no sense role-playing wise that a wolf would not have a skill, and then suddenly acquire it at a high level.  This also goes for attempting to level up multiple levels at one time. You must level up in stages.  Please note that attempts to do so will not be allowed and you will be asked to wait one week for the next "level up".

~~ Puppies MUST at least have one thread where they use a skill at beginner level before it can be leveled up to apprentice. Even if they gain xp prior to 8 weeks old enough to level a skill, they must wait until they've at least used it at beginner level to "learn it". This is due to the fact that pups, while born with magic DO have to figure it out first.

~~ You may not claim for a skill upgrade until you properly have the XP on your account. All xp claims are double checked for accuracy when they are tallied, and should you post for a skill upgrade prior to having the xp on your account, you will be told to wait a day after your xp is properly totaled to gain the skill upgrade.

~~ You CAN request multiple, different skill upgrades in one post as long as you have the XP for it. However, it is advised that, for proper record keeping as far as when you have gained new skills (which is important for combat threads, or other threads where you are trying to see whether you've had the skill or not during the thread), please try to do new skill acquisitions one at a time.


User: Freyja (an IC account)
Title of the thread: Upgrade
Body of the thread: Water to Apprentice, cost 500 xp

User: Keita (an IC account)
Title of the thread: Health, Mana and Skill Change
Body of the thread: Health + 10, Mana +10 and dropping apprentice Fire to replace with beginner Light, cost 500 xp

User: Calico (an OOC account)
Title of the thread: Health and Mana - Aura
Body of the thread: Health + 20 and Mana + 10

User: Calico (an OOC account)
Title of the thread: Upgrade and Stamina - Sif
Body of the thread: strength to master, cost 2000 xp, +50 to stamina
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