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COMPLETED Achievements Cache: How To Acquire Yours!
Sverige PLAYED BY: Calico / Root Account of Game 12-31-2014, 11:39 PM
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Achievements Cache: How To Acquire Yours!
Achievement Caches:  Your Box O' Awards!

<b>First Steps:</b>

Post a topic <a href="">in this forum</a> for your character! Instructions on how to do so are below:

Using your character's account, you MUST make the title of the thread: "YourCharactersName's Achievement Cache" and in the body of the message post the following code:

[charactername]Name of Character[/charactername][awards]Insert awards here.[/awards]

See <a href="">Aura's</a> or <a href="">Keita's Achievement Cache</a> to see what it will look like! Smile  Please <i><b>do not</b></i> add any additional information besides the above into the body of the post. Anything else will be deleted.

Then, come by and post a reply <b><i>in this thread</i></b> to let staff know that you have started a cache! You may now link the aforementioned topic that has been created in your signature, for example, in any manner that you like to show off your stuff!

<b>How Do They Work?</b>

Below, you will see the list of achievements that you can gain. Each achievement has a set of requirements. Said requirements must be filled to gain your award. You must post your reply <i><b>in this very thread here</b></i> with your proof of achievement (link to threads, etc) and you will be rewarded! YES, you can claim proof of threads for locations even if threads have been archived! Usually it's fairly easy to figure out by the posts where the thread took place, so when you post proof of location, just tell us what location it is. Smile

<b><i>Important:</i></b> Typically, posts are deleted as this thread is cleaned out when all is complete. If you wish to save any of this information that you're posting for your own knowledge (ie. places visited, etc) please copy and save it elsewhere so that you can keep a record, as this thread will get cleaned out regularly. Smile

<b>Are There More Rewards Besides a Pretty Picture?</b>

Yes! Achievements that you earn via threads / posting will give you 25 xp for each one you gain!

<b>List of Achievements:</b>

<i><u>Non-XP Gaining:</u></i>
100 posts
500 posts
1000 posts
Become Champion rank in at least one skill
Max out all six skills
Have 500 total Mana
Have 500 total Health
Have 500 total Stamina
Created at least three images for other people. <i>(you may only get this ONE time, so it will go on one account, your choice)</i>
Contributed an idea to the site <i>(you may only get this ONE time, so it will go on one account, your choice)</i>
Pointed out or helped fix something around the site. <i>(you may only get this ONE time, so it will go on one account, your choice)</i>
You have had a pup on-site!
Your pup has had a pup on-site!
Your mate has died/removed from the game in-character
Your character was born on-site
Your character has been active on Sverige for an entire YEAR.

<i><u>XP Gaining (25 per each):  </u></i>
Visit <i>at least</i> 10 world locations (forums)
Have friends in at least two packs
You have been a founder of a pack. <i>(You may not claim this and joined a pack for the same pack)</i>
You have joined a pack. <i>(You may not claim this and founded a pack for the same pack)</i>
You have betrayed friends in at least three threads OR have betrayed your pack and been removed.
Have befriended at least ten wolves
Have killed a wolf
Have dealt lasting damage to a wolf
Has acted as a guardian to another in three threads.
Has trained a wolf in three threads.
Has slain an animal in at least ten threads.
Laid down the law of the pack in three threads.
 Helped settle a dispute between three wolves or two packs.
Gain a rival played out during at least three threads.

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