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Reminder on Cbox Etiquette
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Reminder on Cbox Etiquette
Hey guys! Smile   Here on Sverige, we want the cbox to be a safe place for people to be able to discuss whatever they wish - whether that be character development, a new person asking questions or just talking about fun things like movies or games. However, to that effect, we all should make sure that we are following the rules of the cbox, which I will explain below:

1) <b>Be kind and respectful to everyone</b> - Essentially, don't be an ass. If someone comes into the cbox sad about something and wants to vent about it, let them, but do not attempt to judge their life or their choices. If there's a new player that wants to join and is asking all sorts of questions, please answer them or provide links to the relevant informative areas of the wiki.  As well, if you feel like someone is not being kind or respectful - please speak up! It is possible that not every person understands what bothers another person, so if you see something that bothers you, just say something and we all should be respectful enough to stop.  Finally, if you do not feel you can say something nice, sometimes it's best not to say something at all. It is not mandatory to reply to every conversation. Wink  If there is a huge problem that you think I should address, send me a PM on the Calico account and I will look over the conversation and see if I can help.

2) <b>No Nagging</b> - Yes, this does include bothering people about posts they owe you. A single reminder if you see them online is fine. Seven reminders or asking repeatedly if they've posted yet is not ok. This goes for admin tasks as well. We don't want people to avoid the cbox because they are irritated that every time they appear, someone bugs them for posts or harasses them about art that is due. No one should feel anxiety about being "attacked" when they enter the cbox. A friendly reminder from a moderator can remind you to keep things on track.

3) <b>No Complaining About Advertisements</b>  - This means exactly what it says. xD Mostly applies to those from other sites that might stop in to complain about an advertisement we've made in their forum. If that happens, just let them know that they may certainly advertise on Sverige how they'd like, point them to our advertisement board, and that should be the end of it. Smile

4) <b>Questions for an Admin? Please PM!</b> - Please, please, PLEASE PM me rather than trying to wait and ambush me in the cbox. Yes, I said ambush, because that is often what it feels like when I pop in and suddenly there are a bazillion questions that come at me all at once. It is much better for you to write me a well-worded pm with your request or question so that I can sit down and read it when I do my admin duties than trying to catch me in the cbox. In the cbox, it can be difficult to have a conversation as other people chime in, and the conversation can move too fast to keep up. As well a pm allows me to save that conversation and refer to it later if need be. Smile  I am also, admittedly, generally not always paying the most attention to the cbox, as I flit here and there around the site doing things, so you may get unintentionally ignored.

5) <b>Don't mention other roleplaying sites in the cbox, whether you use their name or not</b> - This rule may be the most often misunderstood, so I will explain it a bit further. 

I am not trying to say that other roleplaying sites are bad. In fact, look down at our affiliates, and you will see that clearly, that is not the case. I wouldn't have affiliates if I thought they were bad. Wink  I am trying to avoid misconceptions or unfair assessments of other sites that other guests may see as they come through, other players on that site that may also play here, or even the admins that might come through checking their affiliates from time to time. 

For example, if I was checking an affiliate out and I saw that someone was ranting about something that had happened on Sverige, I would be a bit disappointed that this person did not come talk to me so I could work on fixing the problem. If a guest comes through here and sees someone talking smack about another site, that might give them a bad taste about that site, when really it was just one member disgruntled and nothing to do with the other site.  They may even get upset about <i>our</i> site, bad mouthing another site in such a horrible manner!  I would rather not have things that happen on Sverige discussed in other cboxes, and I feel that most admins would rather not have their sites discussed at length on ours. 

Also, discussion that does not include the names still "counts" under this rule. Just because you're not stating the name of said site, doesn't mean people can't figure out which one it is! 

As well, I DO pay for our cbox, to make it a premium cbox, and if I'm paying for it to be on Sverige, I would like to keep it content-centric for our site. If another site does not have a cbox or a place for you to chat . . . let them know that's something you want! Smile  

Pet sites or video games are clearly not roleplaying sites so if you want to talk about your Wajas, your Flight Rising Dragons, or your awesome character you're playing on Skyrim, go right ahead. xD

<b>IMPORTANT:</b> <i>Keep in mind, you could be banned from the site if reports come in that you're speaking of another site, <i>even without mentioning their name</i>, whether an admin is on or not. If you have a question or a concern about something someone else is saying that you think IS about a rp site that is not Sverige and there aren't any cbox mods or admin on to help you - pm the Calico account and I will investigate. Thank you! ^^</i>

6) <b>The Cbox is a Silly Place</b> - Our cbox has smiley filters, silly gifs and ridiculous word filters. That is because the cbox is a silly place, and is supposed to be more entertaining and less serious. Please try not to get offended, just smile and realize that we are all here, at the end of the day, to have fun. Smile

Hopefully, that clears up some things! If not, feel free to ask below. Smile Thank you!
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