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Ice Giant Tracker!
Skadi PLAYED BY: :) 11-07-2016, 09:15 PM
The Aegis
Species Class Sex
Hybrid Rogue Female
Age Height Weight
1 year 60.5 400
Posts Crowns Items
290 364:- View
Ice Giant Tracker!
Wolves Met:

Ingens Avis (mother), Yukon Snowbound (father), Glacielle (sister), Freyadim (brother), Borealis (brother), Conall (pack friend!), Aurora (pack friend!), Sif (Alpha)

Places Seen: 

Ice Forest 

Threads Finished:

<a href="">Every Snowflake Is Different</a> - birth thread! [met parents, sibs = 195xp]
<a href="">Warm Blizzards</a> - pups wiggling around in their den [seen ice forest = 85xp]
<a href="">Outside!</a> - 4 weeks old, first time outside! [130xp]
<a href="">I Am A Meat Popsicle</a> - Skadi and Boris play with sparklies! [trained same level skill w/Boris = 185xp]
<a href="">Playing With Water</a> - Frey and Skadi play with water! [trained same level skill w/Frey = 185xp]
<a href="">ALL of the Puffs!</a> - Skadi and Glacielle play with air and stuff! [110xp]

<b>Threads Ongoing:</b>

<a href="">Bumbling, Tumbling</a> - 8 weeks old, first use of air affinity!
<a href="">Northern Lights</a> - met Aurora!
<a href="">How To Speak Proper</a> - Conall and the four pups
<a href="">In A Flash of Light</a> - Sif trains light magic!
<a href="">What do you mean, there are other sparkly things?</a> - Boris and Skadi play with more light

<b>Misc XP Participation:</b>
~ Monthly Challenge, Nov 2016 = 75xp
~ Monthly Challenge, Dec 2016 = 75 xp


<img src=""> By Scarlet! Skadi, Adult shape, colors

<img src=""> By Mika!
Banner image lined and colored in by Scarlet Ink
Avatar done with WolfMaker, Unleashed by Wyndbain 

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