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Rules & Frequently Asked Questions
Guide Wolf PLAYED BY: Me! 11-14-2016, 04:19 PM
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Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

General Rules

1. The most important rule is to be kind and respect everyone. This includes putting up warnings in the title of threads which may contain possible trigger-subjects, even though the thread will eventually fade to black.
2. You must be thirteen years or older to join this site, as it is rated PG-13. Please no excessive violence, romance, or swearing, or talk of any illegal or unsavory activities. Some swearing is fine, as well as violence or romance that is not too graphic, if you have questions about what might be "too much", ask an admin. No 'mature' threads are allowed, even if they are flagged. Putting a trigger warning on a thread doesn't excuse breaking the PG-13 rating, either.
3. We do allow posting templates, but they must be legible and credit must always be given. If an admin asks you to alter your posting template for an easier read, please do so or it will be deleted.
4 There is no word count, however it is suggested to try and at least give something in  your posts for the other player to act on. 
5.  There is no character limit, however, if you have any characters that have been marked as inactive (4 weeks or more without an in-character post), you will be private messaged to ask about the status of said characters before a new character will be approved. There are three options for this: You may simply re-activate them and play them again actively, you may have them killed off and marked deceased, or you may simply state that they have "left Sverige" and they will be moved into a group denoting such. There is no penalty for doing any of these things, characters that have been changed to having been "removed" from Sverige may be "re-activated" later on if you wish to bring them back with no penalty. Further explanation on inactivity can be found in our FAQ's.
6. This is an account-per-character site, but you may also have an out of character account for posting in ooc areas of the site if you so please.
7. For every ooc year, 2 ic years will pass. In character seasons are approximately forty-five days long.
8. Admins are not responsible for tracking your experience points. You need to claim your experience points at the end of every post. Learn more here.
9. Do not be afraid to come to the staff with any issues, questions, or concerns that you may have.
10. You are allowed to be as creative as you possibly can be in the world that has been set up here, however, realize that there are limits to certain species, skills, abilities and mutations for a reason. If you are unsure of whether something might be crossing a line, then just PM a staffer to clarify.
11. Absolutely no ex-humans, or characters with extensive knowledge on humans, can be created. It is assumed that any character that may have a history of meeting humans before coming to Sverige will have forgotten as they've passed through the portal.
12. Posts need to be written in third person, past tense.

Posting Rules

1. You may not begin role playing until your character has been accepted.
2. No god modding, power playing, or metagaming! If you need help determining whether you are doing such, please ask an admin.
3. Please try and avoid "wolf-speak", a tail is not a banner, legs are not pillars, etc. 
4. Battles may be pre-determined, you may use an ‘x attacks x dodge’ system, or you may use the system the site uses for major conflicts. However, both players must agree to this. If a disagreement is found, an admin will resolve it however they see fit.
5. Time is liquid here, but do not abuse it. Your timelines must make sense; you cannot abuse liquid time in order to force a friendship, romance, family, etc.
6. Death of a character by another character's paw is only allowed with the out of character consent of the victim, or, in a rare circumstances, the ruling of an administrator. Said circumstances of an administrator making a ruling are very few and far between, requiring extreme circumstances to do so (ie: a role-player being very rude and refusing to follow rules, challenging another whom is far beyond their skills and persisting even with warnings, etc.).  To a lesser extent, this also goes for severe maiming / crippling of another character - please discuss these things with your posting partners in advance and remember we are here to have fun and role-play. If someone is thought to be not taking their wounds properly in a battle, please talk to an admin first and they will make a ruling.

Guide Wolf PLAYED BY: Me! 11-14-2016, 04:28 PM
Keeper of the Knowledge!
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RE: Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

How young / old can my character be?

Unless they are born in character, the youngest your created character can be is six months old. The oldest created "born on Sverige" character can be 200 years old, unless your wolf has come to Sverige via a portal, in which case, they can be as old as you want.  Keep in mind that all wolves generally only live naturally about 10 - 15 years, so if you want an older wolf, you must choose immortality or longevity unless you have come from another land via a portal.

How large / small can my character be?

Each species has their own restrictions as to height in weight. Also on the species page, it describes how the heights and weights of hybrids (born only in game) work. Giant and Dwarf mutations allow your wolves to be up larger or smaller than those restrictions. (We have a chart for the standard species so that you know how large/small they can be with giant and dwarf mutations)  However, the tallest height for a wolf of Sverige is capped at 72 inches (6 feet) and the shortest wolf may be no shorter than 12 inches (1 foot) and 10 pounds.

Where's the actual game?

The writing part is the actual game. We don't have a Pokemon-like version of Sverige stowed away somewhere.

Are there NPC wolves to interact with?

No. The only wolves here are the wolves that are played by players, just like you! Smile

Are the wolves here anthropomorphic?


Do the wolves here speak?

No. They make normal wolf sounds (howls, growls, barks, whines), along with body language and scent marking to communicate with one another. The reason that we write it out as speech is for our human brains to understand so that we can accurately roleplay with one another and understand what's going on without having to guess.

Do I have to use the official combat system?

Well, in official situations- yes. Official situations would be rank challenges, wars/battles, or other major events where life and limb are risked in order to gain something. If the outcome has not been pre-determined in one of those situations, then the official combat system must be used.

Can I create a character that somehow has extensive knowledge of humans?

No.  If you bring over a character from another game that "knew" humans, you forget all that knowledge when you portal over.

Can my character be a human in their past life, or otherwise once been a human but is now a wolf?

No.  If your character has been some sort of "were-human" that might be accepted, so long as you were in your were form when you took the portal over, and you will be losing all of your human knowledge (such as knowing how to use certain tools, etc) upon arriving in Sverige.

When will my application get accepted?

Calico, the application admin, generally gets online once every day in the mornings (east coast, USA) to perform admin duties. You shouldn't need to wait more than a day!

How do I get in touch with the staff?

Try sending Calico a private message! She can also be contacted via email: Please do not rely solely on the cbox to contact Calico, she is often busy and doesn't always check in!

Can I give crowns or items to the newbie? Smile

Yes, of course you can! However, you may not give more than 500 crowns, or items worth that amount in crowns, to a new member or friend. If you are a newbie, you are more than welcome to ask for help with your new character's mutations or accessories in the TACLAC board .

Can my character have the body of another animal?

No.  Our wolves are still wolves.

Do mana, stamina, and health only apply to battles?

Mostly, yes. However, after a battle your character will have to regain their lost health ICly. Certain diseases or illnesses may also temporarily effect their stats as well.

What does the XP meter do?

In everyone's postbit/mini profile, there is an XP meter. It tells you the current amount of XP that your character has, and can track your leveling up to the next level. The XP meter is set to default at 500 XP as the goal. You can change what your goal is in the User CP. If you want your goal to be 1000 XP instead of 500 XP, all you need to do is change that value! Then, when you are given XP, your meter will go up in increments depending on what your goal is set to. It will also go down once you've spent the XP that you've accrued. 

What are crowns (:-)?

Crowns are the currency on the site, earned by making threads and posting in character. Crowns can also be purchased with USD. On the site, you purchase mutations with crowns, or you may buy art or other services from the different members of the game.

What do thread prefixes mean?

When you go to create a new thread, you will notice that on the same line as your subject there is a drop down box. There are several different options to choose from. By marking a thread as open, it means that anyone on the whole site is allowed to join in. If a thread is private, it means that you have to be invited in order to join in. A closed thread is a thread that you are writing in only with yourself. This is useful if your character is discovering a new ability or mutation, or just needs some time alone. A 'pack only' (or 'group only') thread means that only members of the pack that started the thread are allowed to join. A thread marked as 'completed' is, obviously, finished.

Can I create my own skills?


If I claim two mutations as my starter freebies, does that mean I won't get any skills?

Correct. The staff strongly advise that you select at least one skill, however, as they are much more difficult to come by than crowns (for buying mutations). If you are dead-set on making your dream character right from the get go, there are a few ways that might be possible. We have the TACLAC board (Take a Crown, Leave a Crown), where you can ask for a gift, or you can also buy crowns with USD.

Can I create a new animal for the bestiary?

Sometimes. Whenever new cryptids or beasts are wanted, there will usually be something written about it in the news or contests area. That would be your opportunity to try and create a new monster.

Are there mythological / fantasy creatures (ie. dragons, unicorns) on Sverige?

No. Those creatures do not exist here and have never existed here. The only creatures that have existed on Sverige are animals native to Sweden plus our mutated versions in the bestiary. Your wolf would have no knowledge of these sorts of creatures, as well as no reference to these sorts of creatures unless they have come to this world via a portal from a world that does have these creatures.

Can I create a new species of wolf?


Can my character be a god/demon?

No. They are more than welcome to be insane and try convincing others of this, though.

What is the difference between mutations and skills?

Mutations are bought in the store and may mimic skills. They cannot be leveled up or upgraded in any way, although they may be combined with other mutations for different effects. Skills are 'superhuman' abilities which can be trained and practiced. They can only be gained in character by earning experience points.

What is the big deal with inactive characters?

Inactive characters no longer contribute to the role-playing activities of the site as a whole. We do not want to see a large amount of characters simply sitting around, not being role-played without any reason as to what might have happened to them. As well, inactive characters, after over 6 months of no activity or interest, can be in danger of deletion from the site! It is really in your best interest, if you no longer wish to play a character right now, but you might later, to contact an administrator and have them moved to the "Removed"  usergroup with an explanation in their profile as to where they might have gone to remove themselves from the playable areas of Sverige! Smile

What? No radiation? What Happened?

Some of you that may remember at the very start of this forum role-play, radiation was a more prevalent theme. At the end of Year 5 there were several on-site events that occurred concerning the twelve humans that had still managed to stay alive after returning from their cryogenic sleep at the very start of this game's official playable timeline (Year 1). These events involved the humans activating several ancient devices to 'clean up' the massive amounts of radiation in the ruined city, although they did create a large pocket of it at the center of the ruins by accident. As well, nature has continually taken over more and more, and thus the outlying lands from the city as well as some of the more overgrown city itself have simply been 'cleansed' by these processes. You can still, in-character, perhaps say that your character has found a pocket of leftover radiation in small, unknown places, but overall most of the lands are considered NOT radioactive any longer, which means the water is safe to drink, grass safe to eat, etc.


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