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COMPLETED Healing Only Goes So Far
Zanali Atarah Lizbeth Bane PLAYED BY: Gizmo 11-29-2017, 03:10 AM
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Dynroth Rogue Female
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5 (Immortal) 32 inches 124 lbs
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RE: Healing Only Goes So Far
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     Her eyes only lifted for a brief moment to meet Enfys's gaze then dropped back down to her paws. She knew Enfys meant well, but this was much more than feeling sad. This was more than something bad happening. This was a discovery. A discovery about oneself. She had not believed she was capable of killing anything. Just learning to fight with a silly sand creation had made her feel guilty. This was far worse. Once she had believed that she was entirely good, that no darkness dwelled within her. Now she knew differently. She had stumbled upon another side of herself that she didn't know. She knew not the breadth nor depth of this new side, could she hurt another wolf?
     "Ahti," she barked flatly, not really acknowledging Enfy's comment, "Can you take a look at my shoulder? I know the cuts and things will heal, but my shoulder hurts. I can walk but it hurts too bad to really put all my weight on it. And maybe you could tell me if some of the cuts need tending to or not, though I'm not all that worried." To make things easier she switched her coat back to her original pelt, though the pain in her eyes never left.  
Almost immediately after asking for help, she stood up and had changed her mind. "Actually, I think I'm fine. I just need to go home and rest....thanks guys...I'll see you around." Before her packmates could do anything to stop her she turned and ran home.
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<center> ~Without the rain, there would be no flowers.~</center>
Zanali Ahti PLAYED BY: Vanilla custard 01-06-2018, 07:48 PM
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Di'shei Mage Male
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69 yo (looks 7) 45 inches 234 lbs
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RE: Healing Only Goes So Far
Stepping forward to inspect the shoulder, which seemed mostly bruised, perhaps sprained but not broken, suddenly Atarah already left. He wasn't sure about the wounds not getting infected, but he also knew that Atarah knew enough of healing to take care of just that. He sighed audibly when she did leave, but felt it was too awkward to just stand there, so without further ado he shook his head - this might get fixed later, or by someone else - and left as well. Too many other things occupied his mind.

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Zanali Enfys PLAYED BY: Eden 01-07-2018, 12:53 AM
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Di'shei Mage Female
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6 Years 35 inches 180 pounds
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RE: Healing Only Goes So Far
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<table style="width:475px" align=center class = "EnfysStyle">
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<td class = "EnfysStyle EnfysPostingArea" colspan="2">The encounter had been over almost as fast as it had begun. A little shocked,
for a moment, she said nothing, and looked to Ahti. She felt she had a duty as her friend, though, to be with her in this time of need, so she followed not too far behind, at a slower pace, thinking about how to comfort her.

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