Sijor xen Keita
AKA: Sijor or Si/See
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Physical Information
How to "say" her name: SI - yor

Like her mother (Keita), she has a gradient color of her body, going from a medium blue at her front to a darker navy/purple at her hind legs and tail. However, she has a slightly lighter blue on her shoulder / top of neck fur. There is a lighter blue line that underlines each eye like her father (Chanjask). Her eyes are a bright, light blue.

Sijor is a hybrid, offspring of a breeding between a dynroth and an azahi. She exhibits the longer, slimmer body of a dynroth, with the longer legs of an azahi. Her snout is long and narrow and her ears are larger, although their tips are more rounded like a dynroth. The tips of them tend to flop a bit, as if they don't really want to stand up all the way, it's more noticeable when she's relaxed about something. Instead of slanted eyes, hers are normal, like an azahi's. For her fur, she does have short fur all over except for her tail which has the longer fur of an azahi.

Securely attached to her side, usually by a couple of vines that she's wound about herself, she carries a cloth and leather bag that she's found useful for placing plants that she collects in or other trinkets that she finds when she's out exploring. It's a bit tattered and worn looking, but it serves it's purpose as a carrying vessel.

After her interaction with humans in the Spring of Year 8, she is now missing her left foreleg, a result of being injured by a weapon of theirs which caused severe damage to her leg that was not able to be healed by either her mother, Keita, or her own body's healing abilities.
Markings She has a light blue line underneath each eye, and a slightly lighter bit of fur on the top of her neck/shoulders when she is in her natural pelt color (blue to purple gradient)
Scars Sijor is missing her left foreleg. There is a scar in that location where the leg once was. There is also a three-inch scar horizontally across just ahead of the base of her tail on her back.
Longevity: Like her parents, she will have a very long life.
Immortality: At the age of one year, Sijor became Immortal. She has no idea that this has happened or even how. However, she does not seem to age. (Is technically 4 years old as of December, 2015)
Chameleon: If she stands perfectly still she will disappear. This is, however, difficult for her to do as she is generally constantly in motion. It happens most often when she's concentrating on using her earthen affinity magic.
Mind Speech: If she wants to, she can speak into someone's mind. However, she often forgets she has this ability.
Extrasensory: She has enhanced senses as compared to others.
Quick Healing: Small flesh wounds will heal quicker without intervention from a healer.
Regrowth: Fleshy wounds will be able to be regrown over time if she takes major damage to them.
Smelly: If she concentrates, she can make her scent match that of her surroundings.
Vegetarian: Sijor has found that she can survive by eating plants, rather than meat like the rest of her family. Which is fine by her, meaning she can grow her own food!
Rare Color: Her switchcoat falls outside of her parents' colors in a few shades
Switchcoat: Sijor can change her coat to a myriad of colors and as such, often causes herself to resemble a rainbow!
Moody When she's happy, it employs her rainbow colored pelt, more often than not!
  • Likes: She enjoys learning new things, meeting new wolves, using her element and exploring. .
  • Dislikes: She does not like the heat so much, nor does she like severe cold or ice. It also makes her upset when others are sad and she will try and cheer them up if she can. .
  • Strengths: She is an entirely positive thinking wolf and is easy to befriend, which makes her a very good ally to those that she decides to trust. .
  • Weaknesses: A bit too trusting, tends to be a bit scatterbrained at times as she tends to have so many thoughts going on at one time or another about things that often, they collide with one another and some can obscure others!.
  • Fears: She is afraid of losing her family or friends, especially Keita or Shiloh. .
Alignment Light - altruism, respect for life, desire to help others, generally friendly
Sijor is a cheerful wolf. She eager to learn new things and doesn't mind if it takes forever. The hybrid pup doesn't mind getting her paws dirty. She will help any wolf that she feels might be in need, sometimes to her own peril. She also loves to explore and meet new wolves, having absolutely no fear of going up to another wolf and introducing herself. However, she can be a bit scatterbrained at times, especially due to the fact that she's met many wolves in her time alive and quite a few of them have simply disappeared without a trace and it is difficult to keep track in her mind sometimes.
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Current Threads
She was born to Keita (dynroth) and Chanjask xen Niyali (azahi) in Winter of year one (November, 2013 "real-time") at the Pirate's Golden Bounty in the city. However, when she was around 7 months old, her father disappeared unexplicably, as well as her brother, Naos. The pack moved shortly after that, disheartened by the loss of the father and Alpha. Her mother, taking over as Alpha of the pack, moved them to the Still Lake in the Fall of Year 2. *
Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Keita Chanjask xen Niyali
Naos xen Keita-brother (MISSING)

Circe xen Keita -sister

Killian xen Keita -brother (MISSING)
Mate Pups
Friends Pack Rank
Shiloh! (her bestest friend ever!) (MISSING) :(
Other Friends Still Around: Pixel, Aamu, Atarah, Conall, Ahti,
Other Friends Missing/Unknown: Spirit, Dysnomia, Vervaine, Aia, Thirn, Juyoku, Hemlocke, Kalluna, Trangl, Suwalki, Segra, Xyno, Ariondel, Heddonne
Orior Explorer
Enemies Recruited
Turok (attacked and killed a pup and attacked members of her pack), Abyss (attacked her for no reason on the seashore), Aporia Moros (attacked her when she was trying to help/find Vervaine) Winter, year one
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