Aurora De'Saint
AKA: Rora
Species Class Sex
Hybrid Rogue Female
Age Height Weight
4 37" 130 lbs
Posts Crowns Items
362 1,546:- View
Physical Information
  • Born in Winter
  • Amber eyes
  • Brown nose
  • Pink tongue
  • Brown paw pads
  • Brown claws
  • voice
  • Scent of Pine
  • Reference(s): Aamu&litter
Mostly gold in colour, Aurora with her wings folded tends to look like her mother, if but a little darker and marked with a bit of purple (#4A1A2A). Her build is more like that of her Azahin father, quite muscular and with sturdy legs, though a little swifter- and faster looking than an Azahi would normally be. Her ears are also more pointy than a regular Dynroth's, but her eyes remain almond-shaped and slanted. Her wings are painted like her father's, feathered and with dots that make it all look like a purple starry night sky. The white dots on her wings are slightly radiant, glowing softly at night like faraway stars.
Markings Aurora's wings are painted dark purple with a glowing, starry pattern, and she has a stripe in purple going from the back of her head, over her back towards the wing area.
Mutations Longevity - As her mother, she will live twice as long as most her species
Flight - She sports a pair of feathered wings. Their shape are of the high-speed type but she has a relatively high wing load, so she's only fast on straight lines. Her wings resemble those of a swan, elegant to look at, but strong enough to break your paw if she had to.
Radiance - The spots on her wings glow faintly, as if one were looking at stars against a purple night sky. Because of the softness of the glow, it doesn't hinder her much.
Multigenic - Rora is multigenic and like her mother might one day carry a litter with different fathers.
  • Likes: Playing with her siblings, going out on adventures, meeting new wolves, making friends.
  • Dislikes: Being restrained in her adventures, wolves without a sense of humour.
  • Strengths: Not easily scared, stubborn and knows what she wants..
  • Weaknesses: Going headfirst into things and not thinking before it's too late, something pretty or a handsome face to distract her, and the fact that she doesn't easily change her opinion once it's set..
  • Fears: She's naive enough to think she doesn't fear anything.
A headstrong dare-devil rebel, that's what Aurora is. She's curious and intelligent and knows what she wants. And she wants to know everything about everyone. She's anything but shy and investigates everything and everyone she can find, if it's dangerous or not. Yes, she knows that difference. But she doesn't show that she has this knowledge. She has a pretty face and knows how to use it to get what she wants, and who she wants. It is safe to say that this may get her in trouble later in life, and that this is far from the ideal combination of her parents' characters.
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Born into the pack of Divum on the third day of winter, Rora does not have any history that she remembers as of yet.
Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Aamu Torro De'Saint Gabriel Czechowski, Ilma Czechowski, Castiel De'Saint
Mate Pups
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Enemies Recruited
Winter, year 5
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