Wandering Healer / Mage
Species Class Sex
Azahi Rogue Female
Age Height Weight
9 years 17 inches 30 pounds
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Physical Information
  • Born in Spring
  • Straight
  • Green w/ slight silver tint around outer edges. Glows with high emotion. eyes
  • Pink nose
  • Pink tongue
  • Pink & Black Mottled paw pads
  • White claws
  • Perky, cheerful and overall pleasant. A bit high pitched and squeaky when she gets excited, however. voice
  • Scent of Spring rain
  • Reference(s): Aura Reference - done by Scarlet Ink!
Aura is a small, slender wolf that looks more built for dancing about agilely than fighting or doing any tasks that require strength. As of Summer of Year Five, Aura's coloration has altered from her former white pelt with purple and blue speckles to a pelt that is orange, black and white. Her underbelly, under her neck through her chin, and most of her legs are white. Orange and black splotches merge together in a large mottled appearance on her torso and neck, leading to her head. A black 'mask' covers the top part of her face, and a white 'blaze' travels up the middle from nose to forehead. On the right side of her nose is a singular black and orange spot, not mirrored on the other side. Her tail is fluffy and she keeps it well-groomed as the rest of her body which sports longer, more flowing fur than a normal Azahi should. The other notable thing that might separate her from others is the diamond shaped, deep blue (#162252) gemstone that sits affixed to the middle of her forehead, just above her eyes. Her eyes are a green with a silvery (#A9ACB6) shine around the edges.

She also sports a lilac colored flower (Bloom Item) that remains tucked behind her ear, held there by her own affinity with the earth. It was given to her by her first friend on this world, the Lerk Hemlocke, and she treasures it greatly. It never withers or looks sickly, always looking fresh and new as if it were just plucked a moment before. Aura carries around with her a strange smooth and square leather container contraption (Leather Item) that she has fastened to herself with vines that she controls with her earthen affinity, so that it hangs off of one side of her body.

Ever since the disappearance of Ninenight in the Summer of year four, the squirrel that had used to follow the dynroth around has now attached itself to Aura. Aura still struggles to understand it, as she has no experience in talking to squirrels at all, but since it was the companion of her friend, she tolerates it quite well as the last part of Ninenight that is left to her, although she doesn't even remember it's name.

She also has several elemental enhancements due to her elemental affinities:
1) Earth: Thin vines snake about her torso and chest, some of them holding on her leather bag. These vines have small blue and purple flowers on them. These flowers tend to change with the seasons, becoming more vibrant in the spring and summer and duller in the fall and winter. They also act as some sort of a shield, moving to protect her more vulnerable parts of the body if she is ever attacked.
2) Air: The long fur on her head, neck and tail moves as if it is being tugged by a rogue breeze, even without wind. This is a constant effect, and due to her abnormally long fur for an azahi, it makes her very di'shei like.
3) Fire: Her legs are rimmed with a bluish-purple fire that she can diminish and increase at will. She does diminish it almost altogether (save for a few flickers now and again) when she is standing upon the ground so as not to accidentally burn anything.
4) Water: Water drips periodically from her torso, and increases when she has high emotions. She can diminish and increase this at will and tries to do so when she is standing still so she is not standing in a puddle of water.

Aura's Theme Song: (Everything is Awesome! from the Lego Movie)

Markings See Description. :)
Mutations Dwarf - Aura is only 17 inches high due to dwarfism and only 30 lbs.

Accent (Oddity) - Aura has a blue, diamond-shaped gem in the middle of her forehead, the same color as her eyes. Though she is not a Di'shei, some have mistaken her for such.

Accent (Style) - She has longer, more flowing fur than a normal Azahi

Accent (Elemental Mutation) - Aura's sleek body is covered with a smattering of tiny green leaves, mixed in between her fur, only able to be seen from close-up.

Flight - Aura's wings are each composed of two sections or "wings". The forewing (one closer to her head) starts at a point on her torso near her shoulders and widens into a wide triangular shape pointing up and behind her, that has a flat end that curves slightly upwards to a rounded point. The hindwing is a much smaller version (1/3 of a the size) of the first, attached just below and behind the forewing, but instead of curving upwards, curves slightly downwards at the base of the triangular shape that is formed as it widens. These two sections have a membrane between them that is somewhat flexible, as she is able to fold the large wing on top of the smaller wing to make them smaller in size when she is at rest (ie. not flying), although they still sit slightly upright and pointed towards her tail. Combined they have an about 3 foot wingspan (each wing is approximately 1.5 foot wide at the widest point). Her wings are shades of orange with black outlining, the tiny scales that cover them small and highly reflective.

Quick Healing: Aura can heal small wounds faster than normal, naturally.

Regeneration: Aura can heal badly damaged fleshy areas of the body faster.

Accent: Aura's eyes glow brighter when she is experiencing high emotions of rage or happiness. When rage, they seem harsher and more shinily sharp, when happiness they glow with a softer, yet vibrant light.

Extrasensory: Aura has keener senses than a normal wolf, able to see further and in more detail, as well as smell scents and hear sounds that might be otherwise hidden.
  • Likes: Making new friends, helping others.
  • Dislikes: Those that are mean to others, those that go after or attack others without reason..
  • Strengths: She has a ridiculously positive attitude.
  • Weaknesses: She often rushes headlong into things without thinking.
  • Fears: Larger predators like bears, or large birds..
Aura is a bubbly, cheerful wolf that never has a bad thing to say about any other. She loves making friends, and finding new things to explore. For Aura, helping other wolves is just something that comes naturally to her. She will train any others in skills that she has, or heal any wolf that needs it. In fact, one of the reasons she's never joined a pack is that she feels it might hinder her ability to aid any wolf that might need such aid.
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Born during the summer in a far away land called Paragon, Aura was originally a wolf of the Earth, strong in the earthen element. Alongside her was born a brother, Shine. Her parents isolated themselves far back into the depths of the Emerald Forest, their home, and Aura only knew her family and on very seldom occasions, the Alpha of the Crithean (earth element) Pack when she came to check up on them. The family never was interested in really joining the "main" body of the pack and they existed like this for several years. However, as life went on, her parents aged and one day in the End-Nua (end of spring) of AE 54, simply did not awake from their sleep when the sun rose. Aura took this in stride, after all, life and death were a part of the forest, however her brother, having long had a bit of an annoyance with the secluded life of the forest, found this as his cue to leave the forest altogether and strike out on his own. Knowing the risks of being a wolf without an element, as he would lose his element if he left the forest for too long, Aura warned him against it but he left anyhow.

As fate would have it, however, only a few days later, the great Breaking of the Runic Stone occurred, and she realized that everything had just changed. She, and every wolf she ever had known, was now without any elements at all! Even though it seemed that the rumor was that a wolf could reclaim their element by speaking to the gods, Aura was not interested in such things. So, she left the forest for adventure!

Her first stop was as far South as she could go, after all, she never would have been able to go there before and back without losing her element. With her positive attitude and spirit, however, it was not long before she found another wolf, Torihn, whom had been of the former lightning pack. He was morose when she found him, but she gradually managed to cheer him up, making him her first new friend in this changed world, and with a benefit having safety in numbers now that all packs were dissolved. As he was a very strong wolf, he was the first to go find an element again, gaining himself the element of fire. She was very happy for her friend, admiring him for having the strength to do what she had not.

They decided to create a pack together, just the two of them, and were all set to live happily in their own domain. After all, it wasn't as if there were many other wolves around, as they had all seemed to simply go missing as if perhaps wolves could not stand to be without their elements.

One day, when Aura had gone back to the forest to find more plants to bring back to their mountain home, she fell through a strange portal and ended up in Sverige. Confused and missing her friend and home, she wandered for several days, trying to find her way back, before finally deciding that she should make the best of a bad situation. Perhaps some day, she would find her way home, but for now, she would do her best! After all, she had a positive attitude and was always willing to help others, so that should be enough.
Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Aurora Ember Shine - assumed deceased
Mate Pups
Friends Pack Rank
Hemlocke - her large protective friend
Shale - a really neat female who has pretty rocks growing all over her
Shavroc - a protector and someone to teach her about the ways of the world
Dysnomia - interesting dynroth that seems like she'd be cool to get to know
Keita - taught her earth magic
Resin - mighty female warrior lerk protector
Niyali - taught her more about her air magic

Wolves she's healed:
Casanova Talonheart
Aiden Moreau (also trained)
Turok (gave salve to)
White Frost

Loner Wandering Healer / Mage
Enemies Recruited
Aura pretty much considers any wolf she's met as a friend unless they do something deliberately to cause her dislike, which is hard to do.

Lucien - shoved her down and tried to hurt her without any reason. :(
Blutigen - attacks wolves for no reason, very psychotic, a curse on wolven society. [deceased]
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