AKA: Shin
Protector of the Lake
Species Class Sex
Lerk Warrior Male
Age Height Weight
7 Years (Immortal) 41 inches 205
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Physical Information
  • Born in Winter
  • Bi-sexual
  • Light silver eyes
  • Black nose
  • Navy blue tongue
  • Black paw pads
  • White claws
  • A very deep, rumbling voice, much like Mufasa's from Lion King. voice
  • Scent of Fresh Water
  • Reference(s): Old Art, Full version of banner Manip
Shinshu's main pelt colour is white. He has striped blue socks on three of his paws and a striped muzzle. His tail is tinted a cloudy blue with very messy stripes. The insides of his ears are navy blue with white ear fluff.
Scars The left side of his mouth is paralysed, giving him a lopsided smile.
Mutations • Pouch - A pouch at the middle of the belly area, used mainly for storing berries.
• Water-resistant - His coat is a little more oily than most and repels water.
• Fins - Two white fins have formed on either side of his tail. They are in a horizontal position.
• Gills - He can breath underwater
• Nictating Membrane - A secondary pair of eyelids help him see underwater, acting as goggles.
• Scales x2 - His front left blue sock is now made of blue scales, his whole tail is coated in scales as well.
• Mind Speech - He send a few words or an image to another, or group of wolves
• Immortality - Shinshu cannot die of old age, he is frozen at the age of seven.
• Retractable x2 - His teeth and claws are retractable.
  • Likes:
    • All creatures good and evil
    • Having a few close friends
    • Swimming in all seasons.
  • Dislikes:
    • Wasting food
    • Killing anything (including prey)
    • Crowds.
  • Strengths:
    • His ability to stay calm, break up fights and be a meat shield for those he loves
    • Loyalty
    • Kindness/politeness towards all (Including those he deems evil, as long as they do no harm towards him or his loved ones)
    • Forgiving.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Being a meat shield may have its consequences.
    • He does not fight unless he has to, meaning he's had less practice than average..
  • Fears:
    • Insanity
    • His loved ones dying
    • Not being forgiven
    • Fighting (Though he will very willingly fight to protect his pack and loved ones).
Alignment Light - altruism, respect for life, desire to help others, generally friendly
Shinshu is a calm, friendly wolf. He never has a sharp tongue, and thinks before he speaks. He can be described as a bit of a bore because of his seriousness, and can tell terrible jokes but when he is around pups he can become very playful. He is protective of pups and loved ones and would risk his life for another in a heartbeat.
Shinshu is very spiritual and believes that the world spirit will swallow the earth, and start anew if there is an imbalance. He often prays for very sick, injured or dead animals as well as living ones if he likes them, for if the world spirit does not find their soul, they will remain in limbo for all eternity.
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Shinshu arrived here through a portal from another world, leaving his brother (King) and Niece (Shikoba) behind.
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King (not on this site)
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Basically everyone! Orior Protector of the Lake
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Raffia (Though he doesn't know his name)
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