Species Class Sex
Di'shei Mage Female
Age Height Weight
6 Years 35 inches 180 pounds
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702 249:- View
Physical Information
Dark grey coat with black paws and pastel yellow ear fluff. Her long tail sweeps the floor when not held up. Her paws are feathered, covering most of her long claws. Enfys is not physically adept, however, she is great at keeping her balance with her tail and slightly more muscular (than the average Di'shei) legs.
Scars A scar on each shoulder area, where her wings used to be.
Mutations • Rare colour - her main fur colour is dark grey, out of the norm for her species.
• Fertile - YEAH BABIES!
• Nictitating Membrane - Secondary eyelid used as flying goggles while rock surfing.
• Rock-eater - Enfys consumes rocks for nutrition.
• Elemental Enhancement - Multicoloured crystals adorn her head, and her back.
  • Likes:
    • Earth
    • Pretty colours
    • Singing (howling)
    • Dancing (Shimmying her body)
    • Night time, using light magic at night time.
  • Dislikes:
    • Rudeness
    • Running long distances (she will surf rocks instead)
    • Getting dirty (Though with long fur, it is inevitable).
  • Strengths:
    • Intelligence
    • Creativity
    • Optimism (most of the time)
    • Friendly.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Senses dulling at night (due to being Di'shei)
    • Skittish at times.
  • Fears:
    • Dark wolves
Alignment Light - altruism, respect for life, desire to help others, generally friendly Neutral - guided by instinct, tend to have loyalty to specific allies
Cheerful and playful most of the time, though her playfulness can wavier as she tires easily. She often finds herself wanting to meet new wolves or go places and she is very casual and friendly, but she can easily become skittish around a more dominant wolf. She is a great earth teacher, though she would never admit it.
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Current Threads
Ran from family and traveled through a portal. Her father was a powerful mage who turned evil, her mother healed the wounded and had powerful magic also.
Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Mate Pups
Ahti Skye, Iiris, Seth
Friends Pack Rank
Too many to count here but her best friend is Atarah. Zanali Jagiello
Enemies Recruited
None... yet.
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