AKA: Eden
Species Class Sex
Beast Mage Female
Age Height Weight
21 5'3" Fat
Posts Crowns Items
89 983:- View
Physical Information
  • Born in Spring
  • Bi-Sexual
  • Blue eyes
  • White nose
  • Pink tongue
  • Purple paw pads
  • Purple claws
  • Lol voice
  • Scent of Human female
  • Reference(s):
White skin, Brown hair
Scars • Chipped tooth
• Scar on right arm
Mutations • Bi-pedal - Able to stand on hind legs!
• Metal - Found a strange bit of metal/glass that goes over her eyes and helps her see better! So magical!
• Style - Hardly any fur, apart from atop the head
• Curious Tail - No tail
• Freaky Paws + Extra Digit - Furless, long paws with five toes and no paw pads
• Strange Pinna - Furless, stumpy ears unable to swivel
• Terrible Senses - Bad eyesight, hearing and sense of smell
• Chocolatarian - Only eats chocolate
  • Likes:
    • Wolves
    • Chocolate
    • Purple
    • Games: League of Legends, Minecraft, Planet Coaster, Oxygen Not Included, Oddworld, Town of Salem. (A lot more, that's me trying to cut it down to the favourites XD)
    • Movies/Series: Game of Thrones, Vikings, Doctor Who, Disney Movies.
    • Youtubers: Jacksepticeye, Vsauce, Rob Dyke, Ephemeral Rift, GradeAUnderA
    • Music: Sia, Example, Lily Allen, Massive Attack, Groove Armada, Shakira (Too many to list all. I can like stuff from every genre apart from metal)
    • Art.
  • Dislikes:
    • Real Life.
  • Strengths: .
  • Weaknesses: .
  • Fears:
    • Moths/Wasps
    • Crowds
    • Running out of chocolate.
Alignment Neutral - guided by instinct, tend to have loyalty to specific allies
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