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Raven is dark indigo, almost black in colour. The difference between her fur colour and actual black is only seen through her nose, tongue and claws, since these are black as night.
Markings Raven carries demonic markings, an inheritance from her father she doesn't like and usually hides, as they are invisible on her fur normally: they are of the same indigo colour. Only when highly emotional, they show, changing into a red glowing colour (see: mutations).
Scars None visibly, her scars are in the inside.
Mutations Rare color: for an Ubeli, her dark fur colour is not a logical one.
Moody+Radiance 1: When very emotional, she shows demonic, red glowing rune-markings all over her body, which are otherwise not seen as they are the exact colour of her normal fur.
Moody+Radiance 2: Her eyes give off a white glowing light when she uses magic. They glow red exactly like her markings when angry.
Essence drinker: she doesn't require physical food in any form, but lives off the energy of other animals or occasionally, wolves (the latter provide her better sustenance but are harder to find at times).
Jewel: Raven has found a headband, containing one red stone that she wears. Much like she's seen di'shei do, she uses it as a focus point during meditation and when using magic, but it is no organ and she could do this without the red stone - it just makes it easier for her. She calls it a chakra stone, and is on of those things she vaguely remembers from her old world.
Animal Companion: a white, female raven seems to have attached itself (figuratively) to the ubelin female. Immortality: Raven is not ageing any longer, remaining physically at the age of 2, almost 3 years old.
  • Likes: Solitude, control of emotions, meditating, her mother, her former tutors.
  • Dislikes: Bright sunshine, wolves not in control of their emotions, her father, losing the few friends she had.
  • Strengths: Raven is very in control of herself, something she's learned from a young age. She rarely gets upset..
  • Weaknesses: Once agitated, she's more dangerous than she can control, or so she thinks..
  • Fears: Losing control of her almost-emotionless state, since that causes her to be extremely dangerous.
Raven has always been taught caution and meditation, because of her inheritance: her father was a demon, and her magic is controlled by emotion and is highly powerful - more powerful than she could control, mostly. Getting Raven really upset would cause devastation beyond words, so from her youngest childhood she's been taught about the dangers. This caused her to mostly retreat back into herself, meditating a lot of the time she spends on her own, and rarely connecting to anyone. This does not mean that she can't understand others' emotions, in fact she understands the concept of emotion rather well - she just doesn't express her own.
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Raven was born in a place called Azarath, where her mother the princess had been married to a demon to keep him on good terms with the lands. However, she was never made his queen but more or less his slave, so the pregnant woman was taken in by priests. There, Raven was born, and even if her powers were small then, they soon understood the child had to be contained. So after a failed attempt to claim her life, she was taught control of herself and her emotions through meditation. In her teenage years, she was transported through a portal to another world, where she did good using her powers, fighting evil and making some friends. Now, unwillingly, she was transported again, changing into a wolf form. She doesn't remember being a human, but she remembers being the daughter of something extremely dangerous and the need for meditation to contain her powers, even if perhaps these aren't as strong as they once were.
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