Atarah Lizbeth Bane
AKA: Liz
Species Class Sex
Dynroth Rogue Female
Age Height Weight
5 (Immortal) 32 inches 124 lbs
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Physical Information
  • Born in Spring
  • straight
  • Her eyes glow a soft amber color. eyes
  • Her nose is a deep rich mahogany color much like you would see as an ornate table. nose
  • Her tongue, much like many wolves of her home-world is a deep blood red with black patches. tongue
  • Her pawpads are one of the few places on her body that doesn’t seem flashy and would be considered almost normal as they are a light grey color. paw pads
  • Her claws are deep ebony black. claws
  • voice
  • Scent of Like the woods, early in the morning when the sun has just risen and the dew still hangs from the leaves.
  • Reference(s):
Atarah Lizbeth Bane

Atarah has baby-fine, deep old gold fur with deep brass spots and bands on her legs and spots on her had and rump. Her eyes are almond shaped, slanted upward and deep amber glow in color. Though her left eye has been blinded and has a milky cataract that covers the color.

Built for speed and sneaking, her body is long and thin with two short tails, though it is long enough to curl around her front paws when she sits. She has a very narrow, short chest and the area between the edge of her rib cage and her hind legs is even thinner. her legs are surprisingly strong, built to obtain incredible speed and agility. A massive pair of beautiful white wings with golden accents and tips protrude from her back. Her neck is slightly elongated, similar to that of an azahi. Her snout is slightly longer and larger than other species and her ears are more rounded. Aside from her left ear that is now split in two.

Don't be fooled by her smile! These teeth may look short and weak but that is far from the truth! She can easily crush your bones! Watch out! Her class are rather stubby from running over rough terrain.

It would hardly be called a description without taking a moment to describe her companion, Aiken. Aiken is a slender, dark brown singing squirrel friend. He has taken a liking to her and enjoys curling up between her wings. He has free will to roam where he pleases, although Atarah loves for him to stay with her at all times, after all he is considered prey to other animals.

Along her travels Atarah has found a beautiful flower that never seems to loose its color and never dies. She has adorned her fur with it and she is rarely without it.
After an emotional encounter with members of her pack Atarah awoke one morning with a different colored pelt. Her bright cheery golden pelt had been replaced with a dark black one with only shimmers of her previous pelt left to remember. After the initial shock of finding herself to have a different pelt she realized she had the ability to control this pelt and change back and forth between them at will. Such a lovely trick.
Atarah's shimmering golden coat sports deep brass spots and bands around her legs and spots along her head and on her behind.
Scars Noteworthy, maybe but she tries to forget. After having a bad run in with a rival pack alpha, Rffia, she now brandishes a split left ear, with a viscous scar across her left eye to match. This was the injury that left her blind in that eye.

Mind speech- lets her speak to others mentally at will to avoid detection.

Blink- lets her move rapidly when she is fleeing danger (or exploring), Her mind is her best friend, sometimes her only friend. Because she spends so much time wandering alone (even though she wants to be around others) she has developed these abilities.

Iridescence- her fur is iridescent as it seems to shimmer when she moves

Radiance-1- her amber eyes glow.

Radiance-2- A soft glow surrounds her wings

Giant- she is huge compared to normal Dynroths.

Flight-a pair of beautiful white wings with golden accents protrude from her back.

Roots- Instead of eating meat, or plants Atarah has developed the ability to extend roots into the ground to absorb nutrients, this is done while she is stationary and typically while asleep.

Animal Companion- A dark brown singing squirrel that Atarah has named Aiken, follows her around and can be found very often between her wings nuzzled down in her fur.

Bloom-Along her travels Atarah has found a beautiful flower that never seems to lose its color and never dies. She has adorned her fur with it and she is rarely without it.

Natural Immunity- While studying the various herbs involved in healing and poison she has realized that she is immune to the effects of the poisons she finds. Interesting.

Switch Coat 1 (Depressed/Sad)- After experiencing emotional turmoil, Atarah's coat switched to a dark black color with faint shimmers of gold that resemble her former coat.

Moody 1 x2(Depressed/Sad- A little while after developing the ability to switch coats, she noticed that she didn’t need to think about switching the coats, it seemed to do so according to her mood. Not only her pelt changes, but her eyes fade to a dull stone cold grey.

Switch Coat 2- (Angry)- After the discovery of her dark coat, she discovered her pelt could change another way. Her pelt turns into an angry orange and tribal markings form along her head, left shoulder and back leg. These markings resemble those of her homeworld.

Moody 2 x2-(Angry)- With the development of her orange and red pelt, came the same mood related switch of her coat. As with the other pelt, her eyes shift to a fiery red color.

Duplicate- Another tail has unexpectedly grown beside her previously existing one.

Immortality-Atarah will never age past 5. She has not lived long enough to figure this out yet.

  • Likes: Nice long distance runs through the trees that lead to a serene lake and waterfall. She has also taken a liking to sculpting but really enjoys painting with paint she makes from growing various types of berries. .
  • Dislikes: She doesn't like rude, spiteful, arrogant wolves that take advantage of others. She doesn't like getting wet at all, well unless she has gone for a swim but even then she likes to get dry as soon as possible. If it is raining you won't likely find her outside. .
  • Strengths: Her past has been full of valleys, ruts and all sorts of dark places and event. All of the negative things in her past has made her stronger-one could even say she is tempered as steel because of it. Her ability to see the silver lining in every dark cloud also makes her very strong. .
  • Weaknesses: Her big heart gets her in more trouble than anything else. She once forfeited her lunch for a year because a younger female manipulated her into thinking she had no food for her pup. Her big heart makes her an easy target for a sob story. She also wants to see the good in wolves, and often is blind to the bad. It also doesn't help that she is quite naive and very gullible. .
  • Fears: She is afraid of dying alone. She is afraid of hurting the ones she loves most. She is afraid of loosing her home. She has also developed a fear that Raffia might somehow come to her new home. Though she has no proof of this she has the feeling that it is entirely possible that he could come here and might in fact already be here. .
Alignment Light - altruism, respect for life, desire to help others, generally friendly Neutral - guided by instinct, tend to have loyalty to specific allies

Hi, my name is Atarah Lizbeth Bane I try to be the very best I can be in every area of my life. I try to be warm and compassionate to everyone I meet and give as much time and resources I can in order to help. I try to keep a good attitude and focus on the positives of every situation and have been told I can be rather bubbly. There are times though when I am not so “bubbly”. I kinda had a rough start in life and sometimes my past plays with my mind. I can be very self critical when I fail to do something or hurt someone I care about. I try not to hurt those around me because I don’t handle that well. I also don’t handle being alone all that well. I struggle to keep my thoughts positive sometimes, especially when I think about myself. I battle thoughts like ’I am unwanted, I am selfish, I always hurt those I care about…’ and so on. I am learning that those things are not true. It helps to have amazing friends like Enfys, (Alpha’s mate). She is always there for me. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.
I love to build things with my earth affinity and practice as much as I can! I like to stick to a schedule that allows me to spend time with my friends, practice my skills, and have a little me time. This typically involves my early morning walks and making pretty things around the Zoo the home of my pack called, Zanali .
So, in essence, I am just me. I want to be your friend, I really do! But because of my past I can be quite shy. Typically I think someone will dislike me before they even speak to me so I don't usually start the conversation. I am usually in the background and I don't say much UNTIL you get to know me then I don't stop talking! But since I have been in Sverige I have improved my social skills very much! I am even the messenger of Zanali now! I am loyal to a fault and I will be there through thick and thin! I hope we get to be friends soon!"


She never felt like she belonged anywhere. She wanted so badly to be where she was loved and was free to love others. Once a part of a prominent pack with a lot of enemies she learned the ins and outs of pack membership...the outs being that enemy pack members don't negotiate well. She ended up blind in her left eye and her left ear split down the middle. She always felt toxic to those around her so she often exiled herself to prevent herself from hurting them...she hates to be alone though. Never fitting in anywhere she made the decision to enter through the portal to Sverige. She has just stepped through and is trying to explore this new world and hopefully make friends along the way.
Though she had been the outcast of her pack, she was still the daughter of the Alpha and therefore received more teachings than other pups of the pack. She learned the ancient language. The language used in ceremonies like funerals, and acention to the leadership of a pack. Examples include:
Your fight is over: Yu gonplei ste odon
May we meet again: Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim.
Stay strong: Ste yuj

Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Alusia Bane Lykaios Bane She has two sisters
Ayana- her oldest sister 2 years younger than her.
Nova-her youngest sister, 4 years younger than her.
Elsu- Her younger brother and Nova's twin.

She had to leave them behind when she stepped through the portal...the hardest thing she ever had to do.
Mate Pups
Friends Pack Rank
This space isn't big enough to hold all of her friends as she makes friends everywhere she goes, but there is one special one to mention. Enfys (Best friend)
Zanali Trwóca-Kurier
Enemies Recruited
Raffia Autumn, year 7
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I am much like Atarah...I never fit in and had to leave my family behind. I escaped...but as for my siblings...I pray for them daily.
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