Species Class Sex
NPC Mage Female
Age Height Weight
20 64 lol
Posts Crowns Items
33 0:- View
Physical Information
  • Born in Winter
  • Straight
  • Dark blue eyes
  • .... nose
  • pink tongue
  • lol paw pads
  • I keep them trimmed lol claws
  • normal dorky, white American girl voice voice
  • Scent of My fav is called "Today" and smells like honeysuckles.
  • Reference(s): Me
my pelt color keeps changing...I recently dyed it red.
Markings Lots of freckles
Scars Self harm scars in various places.
Mutations I seem to ward people off...I might be an alien or have a weird mutation I am not aware of.
  • Likes: Chocolate. Good movies. Great books. Singing. Long bubble baths. .
  • Dislikes: Any type of bean really. (save the coca and coffee bean but I am sure that is different...) Mean people. .
  • Strengths: My faith in God..
  • Weaknesses: My own self hatred. .
  • Fears: What is in the dark. Losing my family. .
Alignment Light - altruism, respect for life, desire to help others, generally friendly
I am loyal to a fault really...once I determine you a are a friend for life even if you back out of the friendship... I try to be happy all the time but every now and again my past creeps up on me and drags me kicking and screaming into the shadows of things that were. Once it is finished having it's way with me it lets me go and I try to put the pieces back together.
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Current Threads
Darkness. Abuse. More Darkness. More Abuse. Darkness became a friend. Darkness almost killed me. Found Jesus. Felt better. Light came into my life and the darkness went away. Darkness tried to come back. I let darkness come back for a while. Realized that because of Jesus I had control over letting the darkness take over or not. Pushed darkness away with help from Jesus. Happy now. Happy still.
Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Might as well be dead Might as well be dead Two sisters, Two contact with all but one brother.
Mate Pups
Blake (fiancé) not yet
Friends Pack Rank
A few here and there, none as loyal as me. Trying to make more...Sverige helps.
Enemies Recruited
Satan spring
Player & Account Information
Player Gizmo Status Offline Last Visit 01:49 AM
Joined 09-30-2016 Time Online 22 Hours, 18 Minutes, 50 Seconds Birthday 01-14-1996 (25 years old)
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About Me
My life hasn't been the greatest, I've made a lot of mistakes but maybe I can make the rest of my life better with Jesus.
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