AKA: Vuple, V, Vicki
Species Class Sex
Ubeli Mage Female
Age Height Weight
4 40inches 80lbs
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Physical Information
  • Born in Spring
  • Straight
  • Her eyes are a glossy black color that are almost reflective. eyes
  • Her rubbery nose is black with a lighter spot on the tip, as if dotted with the ash of her homeworld nose
  • Her tongue is a pale pink, almost a baby pink. tongue
  • Just as the marks on her legs, her paw pads are black. paw pads
  • Her claws are bright white that stands out against the her black paws. claws
  • voice
  • Scent of Saffron
  • Reference(s):

Her pelt now resembles that of a fox, though as a pup she was simply redish orange. The fur along her back grows thicker than the fur on the rest of her body. In the fur on her shoulders lies sharp quills that blend into the dark fur. The fur inside her ears, grow longer and fuzzier than most. Aside from her markings the rest of her fur is a dirty/burnt red orange color with bits of lighter orange undertones.
Markings Her front legs are dipped in black from her paws to her chest, her back legs are dipped in black from her paws to midway up her legs. A black stripe slides down the fur along her back. Around her nose and eyes is a lighter black color that fades into the dirty red/orange color of her fur. Her chin is a brilliant white along with the tip of her tail.
Scars None...yet

Extrasensory- She picks up on changes easier, her senses are heightened, and for some reason she insists that she can see spirits.

Knobby- A pair of small spikes have started to grow since she has arrived at Sverige. (They will continue to grow into full deer antlers.)

Toothy- Vuple's top canines have continued to grow since entering Sverige and now they protrude from her mouth. The points of her enlarged canines rest on either side of her bottom jaw.

Rock Eater- Her body adapted and now she only eats rocks

Style- The fur along her back is thicker and a bit longer as it sticks up on her shoulders.

Style- Her tail is longer than that of an average Ubeli and the fur has grown thicker in that area.

Rare Color- Her fur isn't as vibrant as most due to her black markings, however the red-orange color is really bright.

Giant- While Vuple isn't outside the norm for height, she weighs significantly more than the average Ubeli.

Fire Heart- She stays warmer than most wolves and has no problem with extreme heat, however the colder winter months threaten her very existence.

Quills- A few very sharp quills have grown in the long thick fur that grows between her shoulders. Due to the quills being black they are hard to see, but watch out they are very sharp.

Duplicate-right before the birth of her first pup, a pair of bright white eyes formed right behind and a little lower than her existing eyes.

  • Likes: She likes having a fully belly, a nice place to sleep, and the freedom to do what she wants when she wants. She also enjoys finding new plants that mess with her mind, mainly poppy. She also enjoys thinking about life, and how the world works. .
  • Dislikes: She hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do, confining laws, self-discipline, and they distrust authority..
  • Strengths: Her passion, once she gets her mind wrapped around something there is little that can change it! .
  • Weaknesses: Her passion doesn't always have a good direction, it can sometimes lead her to trouble. .
  • Fears: Nothing really, it's not that she is cocky, she just doesn't care enough to be scared of much..
Alignment Neutral - guided by instinct, tend to have loyalty to specific allies Chaotic - freedom, adaptability, flexibility, recklessness, personal freedom is key

Hi, my name is Vuple.
When I was born there wasn’t much left of my world. I’m not exactly sure what happened to it or where everyone went. All I know is that I was alone for a very long time. Because I was alone for so long I can be a bit socially awkward and come off as rude. That might be because of my blunt nature. I am not afraid to talk about the elephant in the room so to speak, and I don’t understand many emotions. I typically follow my own rules and sometimes that doesn’t fit what others think I should do.
I don’t think I am all that bad though, I do try to learn about other’s and their emotions. I am getting much better. I have made a few friends and I have even found love! I like that one, love. It is warm and fuzzy and makes my insides all crazy. It took me a while but I have discovered my soft side. I am careful who I show it to though, I’d hate for someone to use it against me.
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Isolation does odd things to animals of all species. Though she doesn't know this, after she was born and soon after she was weaned her mother and father were killed. Their world was being ripped apart by wars and natural disasters. The only thing she remembers of her mother was her eyes, black like her own, as she told her to stay hidden in a hollowed out part of the earth. Terrified she had done as her mother asked until hunger drove her out. When she rose from the earth, everything was either burnt, or on fire and ash rained from the heavens.
She spent the next 4 years traveling her world and trying to find anyone else that was alive. The only way to stay alive was to eat the ash covered rocks found laying about. On a particularly dreary day, she stumbled upon a small trinket. It had been laying on the ground and she had stepped on it when she walked passed. A swirling vortex of pale blue, white, and black formed above the trinket. Thinking it was the answer to where all the other wolves had gone, she stepped through.
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