Sulo Skye Entinen
AKA: Skye, Sulo
Species Class Sex
Di'shei Mage Male
Age Height Weight
~2 years (forever) 38 190
Posts Crowns Items
199 60:- View
Physical Information
  • Born in Fall
  • straight
  • The base of the eyes are stripes that come from the iris, out, and they're strung together greys that make a complete decoupage of seemingly endless newspaper clippings telling the stories to come from him. Layering above the never-ending greys is a passionate emerald green that dances around like an emerald fire, never touching the ever important iris eyes
  • A mixture of purpleish blue. nose
  • His tongue, like is father's, is a blue color. tongue
  • yellow paw pads paw pads
  • Grey claws claws
  • voice
  • Scent of He has a musky smell that is metallic and earthy.
  • Reference(s): Sky Puppy
His pelt is dark grey in color, save the four aqua socks that adorn each foot. Aqua feathers protrude from the crown of his head, around his chest and along his back to the tip of his tail.
Markings As the pup grew, two aqua colored marks formed above his eyes, matching the four aqua socks that adorn his feet along with a few sparse marks of silver in his ears and in a few tufts of fur.
Scars None

Immortality- He is unaware but he will never need to worry about death.
Rare Color- His pelt is much darker than that of a normal Di'shei
Feathers- Aqua feathers protrude from the crown of his head, around his chest and along his back to the tip of his tail.
Smelly- Skye can match his scent to that of his surroundings.
Prehensile Tail- He has the ability to lift small objects with his tail and carry them around.
Sticky Pads Skye's paw pads become sticky, like a gecko's. His toes spread out and flatten slightly, allowing for proper grip. He can now walk on walls, but wet or slimy surfaces cannot be walked on and the sticky pads may attract unwanted debris.
  • Likes: He likes to torment his younger brother, though don't get him wrong he is the ONLY one allowed to do so. He has no problem standing up for his brother and then putting him down, after all he has to maintain the balance. He also likes to make his family happy, he is definitely a "Mama's boy" but he strives to be just like his dad. He loves his family. In his spare time he loves to practice his magic and pretend he is part of the wolves of old and he needs to defend his pack and family from all the weird smelling animals that used to live in the mini habitats at the zoo. .
  • Dislikes: Dislike would not be the most accurate word to describe how he feels if anyone- and he does mean anyone- mistreats his family, especially his siblings. He feels as the first born, though only by minuets it is his job to serve and protect his family. He also dilikes large crowds. He stays to himself most of the time, unless he is with his family. The den is a bit crowded for him at times and so he typically wonders off in search of more open spaces. .
  • Strengths: .
  • Weaknesses: .
  • Fears: He is somewhat afraid of the dark, though it was worse when he was a newborn. Now it keeps him on edge but sometimes he welcomes the cover of darkness as it aids him in slipping out of the den. .
Alignment Light - altruism, respect for life, desire to help others, generally friendly Neutral - guided by instinct, tend to have loyalty to specific allies

Hi, my name is Sulo Skye Entinen. I tend to be very light and playful like my mother and, like her, I love to explore new places. Sometimes my I adventurous streak gets the best of me and I get myself into trouble because I don’t always follow the rules. I always have good intentions though. My adventures don’t always turn out bad, in fact, I have decided to cut loose and explore the entire world so that I can learn as much as possible!
I love my brother and sister very much. I especially like to pick on them a little bit, mainly just my brother. I don’t think my sister would get that I’m joking. I’ve been told that I bully my brother but I can, I am his brother! Don’t you dare though. I will gladly rip you to shreds if you hurt him or any other member of my family. I am the only one allowed to torment them. It is my birthright.
I don’t really like to be serious but when I have to be I try to react like my Father would. He is always serious and thinks for a while before he does things. I try to be as honest as I can and do everything to the best of my ability. Sometimes I fall short of that goal, but I never give up. I study hard and try to live up to the Entinen name. I want to make my father proud! Sometimes though I feel like I take a backseat to my sister in the eyes of my Father. I can do the stupidest things when I try to get his attention.
That is just a little about me. I hope to meet you and get to know you. I want to learn as much as I can!
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Skye was born to Enfys and Ahti in the Zanali pack in the spring, of year 8. He's the oldest of a litter of three. As he grew up he into young adolescence he realized that he was not meant to stay in just one place for the rest of his life. One day while traveling he met another pack leader, Keita. It was then that he realized how much was out there in the world he had yet to discover. This meeting thrust him into a journey of self-discovery. As he explores the world he not only learns more about the world and things in it, but he learns more about himself and where he fits into it all.
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Enfys Ahti Seth Iiris
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Zanali Badacz
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