AKA: Skadi
The Aegis
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Hybrid Rogue Female
Age Height Weight
1 year 60.5 400
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Physical Information
  • Born in Winter
  • The left eye is an icy lavendar (#E6E6FA) color, the right eye is an icy blue (#D4F0FF) color eyes
  • Black nose
  • Lavendar tongue
  • Dark Blue paw pads
  • Icy blue claws
  • Generally bubbly and perky voice
  • Scent of Fresh snowfall and lavendar
  • Reference(s): More of a "Pup"ish Ref (needs more fluff tho! ~ Adult
Her pelt color is overall, a pastel, very icy blue (#D4F0FF). Small patches of white decorate it all over, as if snow is perpetually dusting her, more of those patches accumulating on the tops of her back, neck, head and tail and dwindling going down to her feathered paws. Eight equally spaced, slightly squiggly stripes of lavendar (#E6E6FA) and bright silver (#BFC1C2) fall down from the middle (top) of her neck and back and down each side, stopping just before her belly, starting with a lavendar one on her neck behind her ears and ending with a silver one that cuts down just before her tail. The di'sheian gem on her forehead sparkles with a bright silver hue as if it is a crystal itself.

Her paws are large and heavily feathered like a di'shei and she has the long tail of a di'shei, the end dragging on the ground, as well as longer fur on her neck and shoulders. Her pelt is fluffy and thick. Her ears are large, slightly pointed and rounded on the outside like a combination of a lerkrat's and a di'shei's ears would look. She also has the large, prominent shoulders of a lerkrat, yet her back slopes downwards gradually like a di'shei. Due to the special hybridization of the di'shei and lerkrat species, she also has a "beard" under her chin, the longer fur there hanging down about 6 inches from the bottom of her jaw. She is well muscled with large thick legs and chest/shoulders, although she is sleek and obviously feminine.

Elemental Enhancements:
~ Air: The ends of Skadi's long fur on her torso tend to sway in a light breeze even when there is no breeze.
~ Light: Her stripes of lavendar and silver tend to lightly sparkle constantly, even at night.

Markings Eight equally spaced, slightly squiggly stripes of lavendar (#E6E6FA) and bright silver (#BFC1C2) fall down from the middle (top) of her neck and back and down each side, stopping just before her belly, starting with a lavendar one on her neck behind her ears and ending with a silver one that cuts down just before her tail.
Mutations Giant: Her maximum height as an adult will be 60.5 inches, and 400 lbs, much larger than other wolves.
Ice-Heart: She has adapted to temperatures that would be too cold for most wolves.
Immortality: She will live forever, unless struck by a mortal blow. (This gift will manifest at some point after her first birthday.)
Physical Paragon: She is tougher due to her time spent in the harsh north, having a bit more stamina and health than others.
  • Likes: Snow, ice, cold things, birds, cute fuzzy animals, sparklies, helping her siblings learn stuff, magic.
  • Dislikes: Fire :(.
  • Strengths: Her size is greater than most, yet she tries to use brains over brawn in most situations..
  • Weaknesses: She will always strive to protect her siblings, family and pack no matter what. .
  • Fears: Fire, avalanches..
Alignment Light - altruism, respect for life, desire to help others, generally friendly
Skadi is a thoughtful, scholarly wolf and likes to think about a situation first, considering all things, before making a decision. She loves learning and in fact, likes trying to learn things to help others if she can, especially her family or pack. Even if it's not something she can excel in ultimately, as long as she knows a little bit, she's happy to try!

(this is something she will do when she is more "adult") She also will correct any wolf that states something that she knows is incorrect as the case may be, although she tries to be nice about it when she can. However it is something that will bother her quite a bit and if it's some sort of incorrectness she can fix, she will attempt as hard as she can.
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Born in Sverige during Winter Year 7 (October 15, 2016) to Yukon and Ingens Avi within the pack of The Aegis alongside siblings Borealis, Freyadim and Glacielle.

Ingens died in a tragic avalanche at the beginning of Autumn, Year 8 (February 25, 2017), which has made Skadi quite a bit wary of mountains, warning others to stay away from them because they suddenly become mean! That was not the only tragedy to befall the young wolf, however. Shortly after Ingens death, near the end of Autumn of Year 8, her brother Borealis, sister Glacielle and father Yukon all were realized to have disappeared entirely from the lands of Sverige, never to be seen again. She was left with only her brother Freyadim remaining out of her formerly large family, and she doesn't want to lose him ever.
Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Ingens Avis - deceased Yukon - missing Borealis (m) - missing, Freyadim (m), Glacielle (f) - missing:(
Mate Pups
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Primxis! The Aegis Squire
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Winter, Year 7
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