Seth Sevan Entinen
AKA: Seth, Sev
Species Class Sex
Di'shei Mage Male
Age Height Weight
1,5 year (immortal) 52" 387 lbs
Posts Crowns Items
162 587:- View
Physical Information
  • Born in Spring
  • Solid silver eyes
  • Deep purple nose
  • Blue tongue
  • Purple for the lilac paws, pastel yellow for the lime one paw pads
  • Purple claws
  • voice
  • Scent of rain
  • Reference(s): Seth's puppy reference Yearling reference
Seth Sevan Entinen

Seth is mostly covered in a dark, teal coloured fluffy pelt and carries dark grey leathery, almost fin-like, wings. His paws seem to be dipped in colour; three of them have a lilac foot but his left hind leg has lime. His tail is also tipped with lilac, and he has a small lime stripe on his back from neck to tailtip (on the same place that Ahti, his father, has, but the stripe is thinner). He has a silver single horn, just above his gem organ. His di'sheian gem is also silver, which resembles his eye and horn colour.
Markings A lime-coloured stripe marks his back from neck to the tip of his tail. His tail tip is lilac purple, save for that small lime stripe. He has lilac socks on three of his feet, but the left hind paw has a lime sock instead.
Scars None
Mutations Immortality: Seth, like his father and siblings, will not have to worry about dying of old age. This mutation will manifest sometime after ageing to 6 months.
Rare color: Seth's base coat colour is much darker than most di'shei's.
Flight: Seth sports a pair of dark grey, fine leathery wings, giving him the appearance of having two overgrown fins on his back, or perhaps he could look like a particularly fluffy and heavy bat.
Knobby: Seth carries a single, silver horn on his head that has about the same appearance as his father's - if in a different colour.
Giant: Unlike his siblings and most pups his age, Seth has continued to grow, ironically becoming the largest wolf in the family.
Blood drinker: Seth can no longer feed on meat but rather prefers the blood of living animals.
Iceheart: This di'shei has adapted to the cold sometime during the colder seasons of his first year. Come spring and summer, he'll have trouble if he doesn't travel north.
  • Likes: playing, competing, winning, making 'art'.
  • Dislikes: losing, or more generally being seen as the youngest, slowest, or dumbest in a group.
  • Strengths: his drive to better himself makes him practise magic all the time, and prove himself to others. This is why he is such a quick learner .
  • Weaknesses: he is easily persuaded to push himself too far, making him have to fall back because of over-use of magic or muscles.
  • Fears: not to be taken seriously, any of his art projects to be distroyed.
Alignment Neutral - guided by instinct, tend to have loyalty to specific allies
Seth was born the youngest of three, and even if he is only younger by minutes, this male feels like he always needs to compete with his siblings. This may be for attention, food, or in general his place in the pack.

Seth has a very deep sense of self-preservation and what is right and beautiful (by and according to him), and even though on the outside he seems to be much like his father in his desire to be perfect, the underlying reason seems different because he is not one to care a lot for others if it is not in his own interest. He is also rather creative and likes to make ice sculptures, and is more creative and exploring with magic than his father is; according to his mother everybody deserves to be treated friendly, so Seth is better at seeing the different shades of grey in another wolf's character.

Seth likes to play games, until he loses big time, and at his young age, sometimes got into an anger tantrum when he did. He will plot his 'revenge' later, and practise extra hard to do better and win the next time. This makes him a quick learner, even though it is not necessarily because of his intellect (which, being a di'shei, he thinks is really good already). While he won't necessarily get really angry any longer, he is still very serious about being or becoming the best.
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Born to Enfys and Ahti in the Zanali pack in spring, year 8. He's the youngest of a litter of three.
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Enfys Ahti Skye, Iiris
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Skadinna, Atarah (Auntie Ata), Kaleidoscope (Auntie Kali) Zanali Dostawca
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Spring, year 8
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