AKA: Nakadrake, Nakk
Species Class Sex
Dynroth Rogue Male
Age Height Weight
3 29 inches 50 pounds
Posts Crowns Items
247 5,356:- View
Physical Information
  • Born in Winter
  • Gay
  • Red eyes
  • Black nose
  • Reddish-pink tongue
  • Dark red paw pads
  • Gray claws
  • Soft sounding; Very similar to David Draiman
    Link voice
  • Scent of A strong, musky, almost dirty smell that often turns the noses of those with a sensitive olfactory sense. (Think ferrets for example!)
  • Reference(s): Click me!

An average sized Dynroth, although on the skinny, lithe side due to his tendency to roam and his lack of desire to actually hunt. He is almost always underweight (the little weight he has on is all muscles, underweight doesn't mean undermuscled!) to varying degrees, with an unkempt coat and a shifty smirk on his face. His dark, black coat helps him blend better in the darkness of the night, while his dark red accents give him a slight uniqueness. The last thing his prey sees are his bright red eyes staring dead on with fierceness and brutality. The glowing rune-like markings also give him an ominous air, demonic even.
Markings Moderately dark red snout, forming an upside down V shape on the forehead, going down the cheeks, lower neck, stomach, all the way to the underside of the tail. A set of glowing red rune-like markings; On the brows, chest, each side of the neck and upper thigh.
Mutations -- Knobby - Nakk has two relatively small, pointy horns on the top of his head between his ears, which can be used for defense and to some extent, stabbing. He also often uses them to leave scratchy marks on trees, as a way to mark the areas he's visited. On those occasions when he's sneaking through dense bushes, they can be inconvenient by catching on the branches and leaves, giving away his position.

-- Blood-drinker - Feeds exclusively with blood, and nothing else. Has a preference for the blood of other carnivores, but anything will do. If he's excessively hungry/starving, he has a hard time controlling his desire to feed, even if it comes down to harming his closest friends.

-- Radiance - Has a set of glowing red rune-like markings on his body.

-- External Bone - Almost all of his vertebrae have mutated to the point where relatively pointy, short-ish spikes jut out through his skin, starting from the back of his head, all the way to the base of the tail.

-- Retractable - The spikes that jut out of his back only do so when he's feeling a particularly strong feeling, most often when he's angry or flustered. Because of that, it causes excruciating pain and slight bleeding each time it happens. He avoids events that cause strong feelings for this reason.

-- Physical Paragon - Although his lithe frame and small stature give him an extremely fragile appearance, the constant traveling and physical activity have turned Nakk into a hardy, rough fellow with a high resistance and stamina to match.
  • Likes: Silence, being recognized and respected; Being praised and having his ego stroked, even if he doesn't deserve it.
    He's a vengeful fellow, seeing his victims suffer pleases him.
    Loves the blood of carnivores far more than that of herbivores. .
  • Dislikes: Loudness, being criticized, agitation, following/taking orders, large groups, insults and loudmouths.
    He's not very fond of hailing and will do his best to avoid being in it..
  • Strengths: Power of will and determination, stubbornness, his self-assurance and energic way of being.
    When he actually tries, he has a charismatic, charming way of approaching others, making it easy for him to gain their trust..
  • Weaknesses: The fear of losing battles
    His rude behavior often gets him in trouble

    His distaste when it comes to scales prompts him to avoid anything with scales, or scale-like skin, including fish and lizards, or wolves with the scale mutation. .
  • Fears: Losing battles;
    Seeing those he considers friends wounded or hurt, either physically or mentally;
    Losing control of himself and drinking the blood of those closest to him;

    Scales make him uncomfortable and he'd rather avoid scaled fellows. He's tolerant in this regard however, as long as those featuring scales on their bodies stay at a certain distance..
Alignment Neutral - guided by instinct, tend to have loyalty to specific allies Chaotic - freedom, adaptability, flexibility, recklessness, personal freedom is key
Rough at the edges and not very keen on interacting with others, Nakk prefers to stay away and mind his own business. When he does find himself interacting with others, he's passive aggressive, annoying and often on the borderline of downright rude. Seemingly lacking in fear and far too overzealous for his own good, he will rarely back down from a challenge and is quick to charge and attack, with a fiery temper and quick reactions.
Although most often silent, when he does open his mouth, watch out, he might not stop and the things that come out are often intended to berate, mock and make fun of. With friends, he's exceedingly flirty and nosy, often bordering on downright annoying.

He enjoys playing around with others, messing with their heads, or mocking them. He feels pure delight whenever he finds those sensitive spots and topics that really throw other wolves off, or makes them uncomfortable. This is a core trait of his personality and it comes so naturally that it's hard to control at times. There are occasions when he feels self-conscious about it, but it's rare.

Despite all that, he's, more often than not, harmless. He has no particular desire in actually harming others unless they trigger him in some way. Nakk will play and pretend, twist and tug at another's feelings and emotions, but he avoids actually inflicting harm or pain. He's not purposefully evil, merely a trickster at heart, out to have to good fun, even if it's at the expense of others.

Amongst his fears is the possibility of losing battles. Even just the thought of it terrifies him. He'll go to great lengths in order to achieve success and will become increasingly distressed if he realizes success is not possible, reducing his accuracy and focus to the point where he'd rather flee than keep going. He'll beat himself over this choice later on, but it's something he can't control.
Nakk arrived into this world through a portal around winter, year 7. With no memories to speak of, he doesn't know much else beyond this, though he hopes to uncover some of them eventually.

Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mate Pups
Friends Pack Rank
Actual friends:
- Sejath (Miiight have a very slight crush on)

Is in good terms with:
- Keita
- Phoenix
- Freyja
- Stellanti
Enemies Recruited
Actual enemies:
None yet!

Wary of:
- Aura
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