Species Class Sex
Azahi Rogue Female
Age Height Weight
7 months old 41 242 pounds
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13 273:- View
Physical Information
  • Born in Spring
  • Pansexual
  • Bright, pratically neon green eyes eyes
  • A very dark blue nose
  • Pink tongue
  • Red pink paw pads
  • White cream claws
  • Soft spoken, with a touch of a lower depth of voice then normal for a female. Her voice doesn't tend to switch in pitch very much unless angered. When angered tends to get lower pitch, a bit gravelly, but booming in loudness voice
  • Scent of Often smells like water, with a constant hint of salt. Occasionally has a strong fragment of lotus flowers .
  • Reference(s): Sea Refrence
Dark blue pelt on shoulders, that go lighter when coming down to her belly.
Mutations Toothy-Longer canine teeth Radiance-Eyes are bright. Sometimes makes it hard for her to hunt at night. Will use the light to see in dark areas though. Giant-Much more larger then her normal height, this generally doesn't affect her too much. In her old life she was pretty tall and large, and is accustomed to walking a certain gait.
  • Likes: Sea has an adoration with puppies, and anyone younger then her. She loves water and the sea, and will often jump in to them freely. Loves lotus flowers, and will sniff them till her whole face is covered with the scent of lotus flowers. Loves the night sky and will often stay up to run about. During the day she likes to lay in the sun rays, sleeping on her back..
  • Dislikes: Sea doesn't like greedy people, and doesn't like fights without proper reason. .
  • Strengths: Because Sea often swims, she is a fairly strong swimmer..
  • Weaknesses: Can't smell very well..
  • Fears: Sea has a fear of being left alone forever..
Alignment Light - altruism, respect for life, desire to help others, generally friendly Neutral - guided by instinct, tend to have loyalty to specific allies
Sea is very cheery and smiley fellow, she is kind and helpful. She is naturally cautious of others, and may be wary of a stranger at first. She is naturally protective of young ones and friends and family, and may become overbearing doing so. She is not the most talkative, and rather watch and listen then speak. She will often only speak in a serious discussion if need to, not want to.
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Sea came to the land of Sverige through a portal.
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