Marek Bearthorn
AKA: Mar
Species Class Sex
Lerk Warrior Female
Age Height Weight
3 years 42 inches 235
Posts Crowns Items
1 134:- View
Physical Information
  • Born in Winter
  • Heterosexual
  • Twilight purple eyes
  • Midnight black nose
  • Dark pink tongue
  • Midnight black paw pads
  • Midnight black claws
  • She has the deep feminine voice of a female warlord, and it sounds attractive. Her voice can put fear in others, especially when she's angry. Her voice gives her an intelligent vibe, and it is very strong and commanding. voice
  • Scent of Her scent has hints of rosemary mixed in with her own scent.
  • Reference(s): (Marek Bearthorn).
As a Lerkrat, Marek possesses a lot of bulk and muscle, and has a large size that easily towers over other species. Despite this, she still retains a regal form, that is also seen as powerful form as well.

Like every Lerkrat, she has pronounced shoulders. Her hind legs are shorter than her front legs. She has a short neck, face and tail. She holds large ears that are straight on the inside and rounded on the outside. She possesses thick limbs, and her body is thick as well. She is heavily muscled. She has short fur, yet her fur is somewhat longer on her tail and shoulders.

Her fur is washed in gray like the moon. Her eyes are blessed the color twilight purple. Her nose, paw pads, and claws are pure black. She has a large black stripe on her back, and a smaller twilight purple stripe next to it. Another large purple stripe is on her left thigh. A smaller black stripe is on her lower right leg. A large purple stripe is on her left leg, and a large black stripe is on her right leg.

She carries herself with complete dominance in her appearance, and she never shows any signs of weakness.

Markings Marek possesses a large black stripe on her back, and a smaller twilight purple stripe next to it. She has a large purple stripe on her left thigh, a smaller black stripe on her lower right leg, a large purple stripe on her left leg, and a large black stripe on her right leg.
  • Likes: Marek has a penchant for dominance, violence, and order. She enjoys exerting dominance, and enforcing her rank. She likes and respects those who show their passion for power.

    Marek also likes to claim things as hers such as territories, items, even other wolves. She loves to mark her territory, and patrol her borders.

    She enjoys discussing battle strategy, and finds it useful. Those who discuss battle strategy, have motives for power in her eyes.

    Marek loves to hunt and gets a rush from killing prey animals.

    She enjoys swimming, fighting, and practicing her fighting skills. Anything of physical activity peaks her interest.

    She loves to be in the presence of powerful wolves, especially Lerkrats, who have proven their right to power. She very much enjoys gaining power, especially power over others. Marek likes to exert her authority, and the name of her bloodline. She also loves to reinforce the fact that purebred Lerkrats are superior. .

  • Dislikes: She hates and despises those who question her authority, talk back, or show no submission towards her. She will disregard, even punish, those who defy her.

    Marek hates it when she loses a fight.

    She despises weakness, and those who are weak, or can't make it. She also despises charity and good hearted wolves.

    She hates those who waste her time, and doesn't tolerate foolishness.

    She despises hybrids and won't hesitate to harm and/or kill them..

  • Strengths: She has a strong mind of a leader, and knows how to lead. Once she makes her decision it's final, and it's extremely hard to sway her. She is unbelievably strong both physically and mentally. Her dark aura makes it so that she has very little kindness, so she can rule with an iron fist. She is very resilient, and is easily able to hold her own.

    Her bulk and muscle makes her seem terrifying first hand to those who lay eyes upon her. She also uses her strength and weight to her advantage.

    Marek has complete confidence and it is rare for her to express doubt. .

  • Weaknesses: She doesn't let others get too close to her, for she doesn't have that caring mentality.

    She is always too sure of herself, and blind to failure..

  • Fears: The only thing she fears is death..
Alignment Dark - having a desire to harm or oppress others, lack of compassion, very self-interested
Marek is much like a female warlord. She is ruthless and relentless, and she knows her strength. She is very intimidating, and rightfully so. She possesses the upmost nobility and is even classified as regal, she carries herself as such. She is very dark in her personality, and is mostly merciless. She is ambitious and power hungry, she craves power and will stop at nothing to get it. Those who try and get in the way of her goals and motives risk severe punishment, or death. Dominance is also very important to her, it separates the weak from the strong. She is a terrifyingly dominant female who enjoys exerting dominance, and putting weaker creatures in their place. For her, dominance maintains order, and those who are more dominant, has a higher place in the hierarchy. She is obsessed with Lerkrat superiority, and believes Lerkrats are the superior species. She is disgusted with hybrids, especially Lerkrat hybrids, and believes species should produce with their own species. She doesn't tolerate hybrids, which she deems disgusting and unnatural. She is very judge mental and judges those based on how they present themselves, their strength, and what they will do for power. Marek doesn't tolerate trespassers, or challengers, and will deal with them fiercely swiftly. Marek is highly and deeply intelligent, she learns quickly. She is also devious. Her presence shows pure power. She considers herself as an aspiring warlord, and carries herself as such. She enjoys discussing battle strategy, as much as she enjoys fighting. She will never hesitate to challenge others. Due to her intelligence, she doesn't jump into situations without thinking, and will overpower and conquer her enemies with her might. She is proud of her species and the fact that she is a Lerkrat, and will carry herself with honor. Marek is a warrior, a wrath of power, a dominant Lerkrat, a dark force, and she lives to conquer.
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Marek was born into the land of Sverige to the Bearthorn purebred Lerkrat bloodline. She was born alongside her twin sister Kara, and both were the pride in their parents eyes. They were raised to believe that Lerkrat were superior, and hybrids were a disgrace. Their parents taught them their bloodline's values, and their species' importance. The Bearthorn bloodline is notorious for their dark and powerful ways, and are feared by many. Marek was raised and trained in the ways of a warrior warlord, and grew into a large powerful Lerkrat. Now she lives in Sverige to carve out a way for herself, and start a pack of her own.

The name Marek means warrior.

Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Windice Bearthorn Kar Bearthorn Twin sister: Kara Bearthorn
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