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The Aegis
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Lerk Warrior Female
Age Height Weight
100 51" 330 lbs
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Physical Information
  • Born in Spring
  • Glowing Silver (Accent - radiance - / Hex #BFC1C2)) eyes
  • Black nose
  • Pink tongue
  • Black paw pads
  • Black claws
  • She has a deep, solemn, yet slightly sad tone to her woof. voice
  • Scent of Old earth, dusty bones, the chill of winter
  • Reference(s):
A pelt of silver (Hex #838996) covers her entire form, without any markings to mar it's pristine surface. Her fur is fairly long (style) for a Lerk, with the fur on her tail, neck and shoulders being slightly longer but not dragging on the ground. Her eyes are watchful and often cast with a guarded and stoic expression.

Sif was granted immortality long ago, but does not know how or why. She only ages very little outwardly each year, and looks the part of an elder wolf now, perhaps one of 10 years, though she is still as strong and vital as a youth.

The great wolf carries a long sword (28 inch long katana) on her back in a long, cylindrical, hard black container. It is attached rather crudely by a leather strap that had been attached to the container, that she'd managed to join together at one side to make a large loop. The loop had been stretched to fit over her head and one foreleg, the entire strap encircling that and wedging over her back hump to jostle at her left side as she walks.

Elemental Enhancements:
~ Light: She glows all over, her fur having a sparkle to it that sort of fades in and out depending on her emotive state. When she is angered, her silver color becomes quite glaring and almost reflective.

Markings None
Scars She has several scars on her torso and legs, hidden under her thick fur, about her body. They are worn with pride, and she does not mind if others notice.
Mutations Note: Sif, in her old world, had many of these same traits, and finds many of them rather normal and mundane, not the result of any strange magics. In fact, she also finds it strange that other large wolves (ie. lerkrat) do not have all of these traits as well.

Giant: Sif is a lot larger than a Lerk should be. She is, however, used to this as in her old world she was a giant, towering over all as well.

Physical Paragon: Due to Sif's extreme physical training in the past, she has heightened stamina and health.

Immortality: Sif will live forever unless she gets a mortal wound. She only ages a tiny amount as each year goes on by the further greying of her pelt. At the moment, she looks to be a perhaps 10 year old wolf. However she is still vital and as strong as one many years younger. She is aware of her long life-span, and assumes that is what gives her her healing qualities as well.

Quick Healing: Sif can heal small injuries a lot faster than normal wolves. She assumes this is part of whatever has caused her to have such a long life span.

Regrowth / Regeneration: She can regrow and regenerate keratin as well as fleshy parts that are injured during battles. She assumes this is part of whatever has caused her to have such a long life span.

Accent (Radiance): Sif's eyes glow silver She assumes that this too, is a result of the power that has caused her to have such a long life.

Ice-Heart: Sif has adapted to the extreme cold and in fact, would rather be quite cold than quite warm, able to withstand a snowstorm without shelter. This is something she has gained knowledge of after coming to live in the Ice Forest, and assumes it is merely an adaptation to her now normal climes.

Natural Immunity: She has built up an immunity to natural poisons and toxins, such as poisonous plants and the like. Again, she assumes this is the result of whatever is causing her lifespan to be so long.

Extrasensory: Sif's senses are sharpened to an unnatural quality. She hears minute sounds that others miss from further away, sees sharper and further than others, smells scents that are too faint for other noses, etc. This particular trait is something that she has always had (ie. even in her old world before coming here), and the fact that she has such grand senses is very normal to her, and she finds it puzzling sometimes that other wolves do not have this boon.

Style: Even though lerkrat generally have longer fur on their shoulders and tails, Sif's has grown longer all over her body, her tail fur coming down to the back of her paws, and even gaining some fur feathering on her paws. She attributes this to her acclimation to the chill of the north, where she makes her home.

Elemental Paragon: Sif has no idea that this exists, and believes that her "immunity" to any light-based elemental attacks are simply due to her skill in learning her light elemental affinity.

  • Likes: Protecting others, performing a duty, fighting, being strong, cold things such as ice and snow..
  • Dislikes: Those that try and take advantage of other's weaknesses, those that do evil just for evil's sake, wolves that do not stay loyal to their proclaimed cause, Alphas/leaders whom disappear without a trace..
  • Strengths: Her dedication to an ideal, goal or task. Her massive size and ability to keep her thoughts from her face when needed. A determination to a duty that she has chosen..
  • Weaknesses: There are some that she would protect at any cost. Thus far, Resin (now deceased), Shiloh, Conall, her other pack mates and their pups have made that list..
  • Fears: Letting someone down, not fulfilling her duty, losing those she considered allies..
Alignment Light - altruism, respect for life, desire to help others, generally friendly
Sif is a very solemn wolf, and rarely cracks a smile or a grimace. If she is given a task that she accepts, she attempts to carry it out to it's completion, whether that brings her death or not. However, she will only accept certain tasks, and only from certain higher authorities or herself. She does not make friends easily, but once you've made Sif as a friend, she will protect you to her own death.

Sif does put a lot of stock in sorceries (elemental affinities/magics) as she prizes physical strength and prowess over all else. Although she does not deny that having such a thing is useful in some situations, yet is guarded due to the fact that they can also be quite dangerous. She has, unfortunately, found out that she has her own elemental affinity of fire (soon to be light) and is struggling to reconcile it being useful versus it being a hinderance.

Due to Sif's past in her other world, she believes that all of her traits : her strength, her immortality, her ability to heal quickly, her size, etc. are all simply a function of what she was before she crossed the portal. It has never occurred to her that anything in the Sverige world could have made her this way. She feels that she is immune to the strange energies of this world as she has not felt any strangeness in her own self and she has remained the "same" as before.

Completed Threads
Current Threads
In Sif's old world, before she was forced through the portal against her will, she was a warrior of great renown. For years prior to her last task, she had been a partner to another great warrior whom fought against the tides of evil. After the great war was over, her final task was to guard and watch over a particular holy area, defending it from those that would seek to steal it's treasure. For many years, she would fight intruders, driving them off before her great force. However, that task was taken from her when an unidentified force drove her into the portal that dumped her in Sverige as the lerk she is today. That is all she knows of her history, prior to that task, she is fuzzy on the details. She is committed to finding a way to get back again, for she knows that the place of rest that she had guarded is at risk without her. However, until that day that she can find her way back, she has devoted herself to a pack and a few wolves here, and each day her past gets further and further lost in her mind.

As of recently (Year Five) the memories of her old world are but faint echoes in the back of her mind that she pays no heed to. The pack she had joined has disbanded and she yet wanders a loner again, seeking her purpose, although now, she has decided her purpose is her own, and does not need to be given to her by another.

Two seasons after her pack disbanded, she met up once more with the wolf she considered her sister, Resin. The two made plans to start a pack together, a pack that was greater than the one that Beoulf had attempted to create, one that would withstand the chill and aid those in more of a proactive way than Alfheimr ever had. The Aegis was born and Resin named herself Queen, Sif her trusted second.

Unfortunately, this was not to last forever, as mid-winter only after a season of being in existence, Resin, her unborn pups, and her mate were killed in a sudden avalanche. This has devastated Sif to her core and while she wants to keep The Aegis alive in memoriam of Resin, her sorrow affects her greatly. However, she has found other wolves to join and maintain The Aegis with her, which she now strives to do in memory of her beloved sister and friend.
Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Unknown Unknown None Known Alfheimr - Summer, Year Three to Autumn, Year Four before it was disbanded due to Beouf's disloyalty.
Mate Pups
No No
Friends Pack Rank
Shiloh, Warrior-Mage Gourom of Divum
Resin, Warrior Lerk and Sister (deceased)
Conall, Warrior Gourom
Ritsu, Warrior Lerk
Aurora, adorable light teacher
Ahti, Healer Mage of Ally Zanali
Yukon & Ingens, stout pack members
The Aegis Queen
Enemies Recruited
Abyss (for reasons unknown, as she attacked Sif unexpectedly), Aporia Moros (for tormenting/killing Ikanzi wolves), Beoulf, for not aiding the Ikanzi pack and allowing them to die, abandoning Alfheimr in their time of need. Autumn, Year Five
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Sif in Sverige is very loosely based off of Sif, the Great Grey Wolf from the game Dark Souls. Read more here: Sif the Great Grey Wolf. Keep in mind that for the character on Sverige, I have taken quite a few liberties with things, but the basic concept is the same. :)
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