Species Class Sex
Di'shei Mage Female
Age Height Weight
5 46 in 230 lbs
Posts Crowns Items
350 11,419:- View
Physical Information
  • Born in Spring
  • Deep emerald, darker near the pupil eyes
  • Black nose
  • Pink tongue
  • Very dark brown paw pads
  • Black claws
  • Strong and confident voice
  • Scent of Faintly smells of a lush meadow full of prey
  • Reference(s): By Trangl
Peryas carries herself proudly. She holds her head high as she walks, though not condescendingly. She is always aware of where her body is and moves with purpose. Her tail lifts slightly as she walks, but can't manage to be free from the ground. She has a few muscles, mainly in her legs for jumping and running, but her physicals skills aren't anything astounding or memorable.

She leans on the larger side of her species. Her legs have slightly shorter fur than normal, but not much. Her build is otherwise average for her species, with the slightly sloped back. An impressive set of antlers rise from her head, the golden crown curving far back. The di'shei is a pale cream color, with tan fur on her neck and head. Her eyes and the organ on her forehead are green, both darker near the center.
Mutations Knobby - Two golden antlers rest on her head.

Extrasensory - She has sharper senses than most wolves.

Print - She can release and smell a scent from her paw that reminds her of wheat.

Giant - She is much larger than di'shei are normally.
  • Likes: Hunting, clean water, fat prey, plants, stories,.
  • Dislikes: Selfishness, hunger, self-pity, rule breakers.
  • Strengths: Keeps calm, optimistic.
  • Weaknesses: Naive/young.
  • Fears: An apocalypse, depression.
Alignment Light Neutral
Peryas believes and wants happiness. She wants herself and everyone around her to live rich, happy lives. She feels the best way for her to do that is to find good, worthwhile friends, learn as much as possible, and experience as much of life as she can. Helping others is, of course, even more satisfying, but she realizes that's not what she is meant to do. She still takes pleasure in being kind and bringing small bits of joy. Her main way to do so is storytelling. Her stories are often made up and perhaps not the best ever. Still, she enjoys it and that's all that really matters to her, in the end.

She is calm and tries to always keep a level head. She is still young, so it doesn't always work. Whenever she is frustrated, it is mainly her thinking that becomes biased and clouded. Grudges are then made, but they are easily forgotten. She is forgiving and very open to the idea of someone changing to be very different within one day. She is not incredibly soft though. She knows there are cruel people in the world and if someone crosses her line between a bad day and an awful person, redemption takes effort and time.

There are other things that matter to Peryas besides happiness. She feels loyalty is important. Loyalty to friends, loyalty to past decisions, loyalty to projects, loyalty to promises, loyalty to morals. A personal promise to do and continue something must be kept. One of her personal promises she feels she might as well follow is not to lie about some things. If she hears bad news, she will not say she is sorry unless she truly regrets what happened. She isn't stupidly blunt either, saying whatever comes on her mind or saying something that would end up causing trouble. She also feels rules are important. If a law is set up by someone with the authority to do so and it is fair, it should be followed. Trespassing is almost always unforgivable, ignoring logical rules is disgustingly wrong, there are very few times she will be okay with blatant disregard for a good law.
Peryas came from a forbidden romance between two faraway packs. Once she was born, her mother was closely watched and neither her or her mother saw the male. The separation hurt her mother and Peryas spent much of her time trying to cheer her mother up. Coming to pain and sadness every day affected her greatly. She came to the conclusion that happiness is the most important thing in the world, regardless of what sacrifices are made for that. She also felt her mother's grief was her own fault for blatantly ignoring pack rules and the inevitable consequences. She later changed those thoughts, but the basis for her ideals was built.

Her mother eventually escaped and left the pack for good with Peryas, heading straight for her father, who had left his own pack. His daughter didn't want to meet him, however, for fear of what would come. She spent a day of indecision between her old pack's land and her parents' meeting place. She eventually decided to say goodbye to her mother and explore the world. Maybe the di'shei will attempt to find her old family again, but she feels mainly sadness when remembering her mother.
Mother Father Siblings Former Packs & Affiliations
Desa Everiss
Mate Pups
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Enemies Recruited
Aporia Moros
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